5 Most Wanted Pokémon GO Features in 2017 - PokéCenters

These 5 features are at the top of the Pokémon GO player most wanted list. 

4. PokéCenters

In our initial article, we listed PokéMarts and the ability to purchase items such as Potions with Stardust or some other form of currency, rather than microtransactions (PokéCoins), as a feature players wanted to see. In response, we heard several valid points for why a PokéCenter would be a more conducive addition to the game.

We have to agree that the highly requested PokéCenters should make their way into Pokémon GO, as they’d add a bit more fluidity to the experience. Not only would they help with healing Pokémon after battle (we’ll get to more battle scenarios a little later on), PokéCenters could also offer up the opportunity to sell items and grant Daily Rewards.

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