5 Most Wanted Pokémon GO Features in 2017 - Bug Fixes

These 5 features are at the top of the Pokémon GO player most wanted list. 

1. Bug Fixes

Last but not least, we come back to yet another feature included in our previous article. However, what makes this one different is that the bugs have changed dramatically. The Tracker situation has finally been rectified, with the ability to pinpoint a Pokémon's precise location now usable.

Yet it’s as if Niantic is determined to take one pawprint forward, and three pawprints back every time they drop a new update. For example, if you’re an iOS user, there’s a new bug to be on the lookout for.

On top of playability bugs, tweaks to the game have created issues with the functionality. The new speed cap is frustrating (why have the “I’m a passenger” prompt at all), and Poké Balls are constantly depleting. Furthermore, even though baby Gen 2 Pokémon became obtainable through Eggs, Niantic made the hatching process nearly impossible.

Fixing these—among many other—irritating in-game issues is one of the easiest changes Niantic can make. Even if they drop the ball on the other 4 features on this list, making the Pokémon GO fun and playable (by listening to player feedback) should be their highest priority. Otherwise, what is there to keep players coming back for more?

What Pokémon GO features do you want to see implemented into the game this year? Let us know in the comments below!


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