Indie Obscura's Gaming Predictions For 2017

Will the industry surprise us or will our gaming predictions hold true for 2017?

We’re now 2 weeks into 2017 and the time has come to evaluate some of Indie Obscura’s gaming predictions for the upcoming year. Industry folk and gamers alike have an entirely new set of expectations set for their favorite developers and publishers because with every new year is another chance to impress us in ways they may haven't done in the year prior.

With the rise of indie games, improved VR, upcoming new consoles, and so many highly anticipated games scheduled to come out, it’s hard not to get excited about the many possibilities. With that said, here are our gaming predictions for the new year.

Gaming Predictions For 2017

  • VR continues to sell and becomes more affordable.
  • Switch will have a pack-in game by the holidays.
  • Big E3 announcements this year for indies.
  • Switch doesn't tank because of indie games.
  • PSVR will have little support at E3.
  • A respected third party will get purchased by a much larger company.
  • Kojima releases another Death Stranding trailer at E3.
  • No Man’s Sky will make a comeback with a new update.
  • Pokemon GO will release an update to get everyone hooked again.
  • Mobile gaming will increase in popularity, by and large with big time and indie game publishers stepping into the arena.
  • PlayStation reveals a new portable device that places them in direct competition with the Switch.
  • Mass Effect Andromeda will live up to the hype and set a new standard for the multiplayer/single player infused experiences.
  • Ubisoft makes a comeback this year with For Honor, Tom Clancy’s Wild Lands and Star Trek: Bridge Crew.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 gets postponed.
  • Super Mario Odyssey has a limited release.
  • Nintendo will continue to do limited runs and charge too much for everything.
  • Project Scorpio will have a lot of hype but sales will not follow through.
  • Esports will integrate more into mainstream media and become a social norm.
  • HTC and Oculus will lead the VR movement.
  • More games that follow the Overwatch FPS team oriented dynamic will surface.

We're curious to know what your predictions are for the new year so let us know in the comments. As for us, we'll eventually find out which of these gaming predictions for 2017 will hold true.

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