The Behemoth's Pit People Goes Into Early Access

Partake in ridiculous savagery in The Behemoth's newest game, Pit People.

The Behemoth is an indie developer best known for their game, Castlecrashers, and this week they brought a new title into Early Access called Pit People. It’s a turn-based cooperative romp through a world filled with strange creatures and tactical savagery, featuring the signature art style and streamlined gameplay The Behemoth is known for.

Single player mode

Pit People has been in development for about 3 years now, and the developers felt it was the right time to bring the title to Early Access so they can further refine it. Boasting over 1,300 items and plethora of recruitable creatures, it only makes sense that The Behemoth would want to see how the game fairs in the hands of players.

Action-packed strategy

As you explore this mysterious, wondrous, and hostile new world, you’ll be tasked with engaging in quick-paced strategic battles, recruiting new characters to your party, finding treasure, and customizing your heroes. This will all be hilariously narrated by Will Stamper, known for his work in Battleblock Theater.

The Pit

Players can also choose between single mode, co-op and multiplayer. Two player co-op can be played locally or online. Arena mode allows 4 players to compete in a game of 2v2 locally or players can hop online and jump into The Pit. Overall, just like Castle Crashers, Behemoth's newest addition, Pit People, is a hilariously fun game to play with friends.

Guy on giraffe with balloons dual wielding uzis

Presently, the game is receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam after only one week of availability. One user actually said, “ random guy just floats in on a giraffe with balloons on it dual wielding uzis…” Make sure to check out the release trailer below and participate in the Pit People Early Access today.


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