Dead Orbit wins the Destiny 2 Faction Rallies

Goth never died.

Destiny 2's first Faction Rallies event has concluded and the winner is... Dead Orbit!

You may remember that Faction Rallies involved pledging support for one of the three rival factions in Bungie's epic multiplayer space shooter - Dead Orbit, New Monarchy or Future War Cult - and earning faction tokens through activities.

These could be spent on that faction's gear, and the faction that earned the most tokens over the week would then stay in the tower selling a discounted special weapon to their supporters and charging the Earth if you backed the wrong horse.

And yes, it turns out that everyone's favorite grumpy doomsayers apparently found the most devotion from Destiny 2 players, and as a result you can now pick up Dead Orbit's special weapon, Haunted Earth, should you want it.

Loyal Dead Orbiteers get it for 1000 glimmer, while filthy FWC and New Monarchy types must pay 50,000. Oof. Faction Rallies will return at some point in the future.


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