SMITE 4.01 Patch Notes

Hi-Rez brings SMITE up to Season 4 thanks to the latest 4.01 patch.

If you’ve stuck with SMITE for the long-haul, you’ll likely be excited to hear the game has officially entered Season 4. With the transition to Season 4 comes a brand new patch, which brings hundreds of new features and updates to the game. Included in the patch are multiple changes to in-game items, new skins, a new item chest, and more.

Below is a quick summary of the 4.01 patch notes, text courtesy of Hi-Rez:

“In Season 4, we are updating some of our core features of SMITE. Ranked is receiving a revamp to its structure, T-Screen makes a return, and players who have Diamond mastered gods will have new forms of progression available to them.”


  • The T-Screen has returned.
  • The T-Screen now shows Top Kills, Top Gold, Top Damage, and Top Mitigated Damage at the top of the screen.

Mastery Features:

  • After Rank 10, players will begin to unlock bonus Stars for every 1,000 Worshippers attained.
  • Three Stars will appear on your Loading Frame when playing that god. 

Diamond Mastery Rewards:

  • All players now have a Diamond Count.
  • Players who obtain Rank 10 on multiple gods will unlock new Recall effects, which become more impressive as your Diamond Count rises.

New God Skins:

  • New Mastery Skins: Nike, Ullr, Vamana. 
  • Such Cold Skadi
  • Modern Mercenary Nemesis
  • Iron Tyrant Xing Tian
  • NRG Ao Kuang

Clash Map Update:

  • New art style which includes Egyptian-themed map, new Titans, new Minions, new Towers, and new Phoenixes.
  • Map layout changes include widened Center Area, new paths to Centered Area, and adjusted outer paths.
  • New Jungle Boss, Apophis.

Conquest Map Update:

  • Small adjustments to Jungle paths have been made to equalize time and distance between objectives on Order and Chaos sides of the map.
  • Gameplay changes include -1:00 start time, Minions spawn at 0:00, and the entire Jungle spawning at 0:30.
  • Kill Bounty changes include the opportunity to earn an additional 10% XP based on level difference.
  • New Boss, Portal Demon.
  • New Jungle Buff, Cyclops Rogue.
  • New Purple Jungle Buff.
  • New Oracle Harpy camp.
  • The scaling of Jungle Monsters has been adjusted. 

Season 4 Consumables:

  • New Ritual consumable added.
  • New Chalice consumable added.
  • New updates made to pre-existing consumables.

Season 4 Item Updates:

  • Can now sort the store by Crowd Control Reduction % (CCR).
  • New Penetration stat added.

To browse through the lengthy 4.01 patch notes on item-specific stats, or for a look at all the new skins added in, be sure to head over to the official SMITE website.

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