Diluvion: Where To Find Items To Upgrade Your Submarine

Upgrade your submarine in Diluvion by fulfilling Hassley's list of items.

One of the first tasks you'll be given in Diluvion is to find a number of items that will allow you to upgrade your submarine. This mission begins when you encounter Hassley in the Vehicle Engineering Guild in Tonnesburg.

He'll agree to upgrade your submarine but only if you can bring him the all the items provided on a list he gives to you. If you've just started the game, try these tips and tricks for beginners or read our Diluvion review

Below, you'll find the items with their corresponding locations.

Location of Scrap Metal

Scrap metal is the easiest item on the list to fulfill since it's fairly common to find. You won't have to travel to any specific locations on the map, just be sure to explore every sunken vessel, research capsule, and crippled sub you come across during your travels in Diluvion

If you still find yourself coming up short, you can usually buy some from a nearby merchant but it may be pretty costly.

Location of Reinforced Plates

On Hassley's list of items required for upgrading your submarine will be 15 reinforced plates. If you're leaving from Tonnesburg, head east until you find Reinfjord Relic. Please proceed with caution, since this area is teeming with mines and hostile subs.

If you stay close to the ocean floor, you'll find a bunch of sunken vessels that are sure to contain the reinforced plates. Don't be discouraged if some submarines don't have any. There's enough of them scattered throughout to find the 15 plates you need.

Location of Blackberries

Another item on Hassley's list is blackberries. While this item is not needed to upgrade your submarine, it is required as a form of payment. The problem is, blackberries are very rare so you'll have to travel somewhere off the grid to find them.

From Tonnesburg, head west until you find a sunken ship called Karl The Slow. From here, travel South until you find a place called Daybreak. Here is the Refugee Mariana. Inside, you'll find a little girl you can't miss (she's glowing red). The game will refer to her as Nervous Child. You can buy the Blackberries from her.

Location of Engine Parts

The next item required to upgrade your submarine in Diluvion is the engine parts. The location for these is a bit trickier to find since it doesn't reside inside of a settlement. Starting from Daybreak, head southeast at a depth of about -10 to -20.

You'll come across some narrow passages with abandoned drill houses and other sunken vessels that will have the engine parts inside. Hassley calls this area Fingerdal, and much like the reinforced plates in Reinfjord Relic, the engine parts are scattered throughout the wreckage you'll find, so be sure to check every single vessel you come across.

Location of Morse Radio

The last item you'll need to upgrade your submarine is a morse radio. When you inquire about the morse radio to the submarine captain, your sonar officer will direct you to the Sonar and Communications guild.

Starting from Tonnesburg, head northeast through some narrow passages. You'll first come across a place called Glassielberg. If you continue past this, you'll eventually come across the Sonar and Communications Guild, also known as the SoCom Guild.

Once you've collected all the items on the list, you can head back to Tonnesburg and give all the parts to Hassley who's still waiting for you at the Vehicle Engineering Guild. You'll now be able to upgrade your submarine in Diluvion!


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