Yooka-Laylee Capital Cashino Trailer Serves up Serious Nostalgia

The new 13-minute trailer for Yooka-Laylee’s Capital Cashino showcases a little Banjo-Kazooie style gameplay.

We’re only two short months away from the release of Playtonic’s highly anticipated Kickstarter-funded indie, Yooka-Laylee. While we wait for that fated April 11th release, we've noticed that developer Playtonic (comprised of former members of RARE) has been getting the game off to a pretty successful start. Recently, it was reported that Yooka-Laylee had already gone gold!

In addition, fans eager to get their hands on the game will be happy to know that a new 13-minute gameplay trailer was released that shows one of Yooka-Laylee’s adorable worlds, Capital Cashino

In the video, the sound design and atmosphere really give off those old-school Banjo-Kazooie vibes. The trailer also highlights some collectible items, like those mysterious feathers, as well as some of the duo’s signature skills.

For those of you hoping for a physical Nintendo Switch copy, Playtonic has a bit of bad news:

“For Kickstarter, unfortunately physical Switch editions are beyond our scope right now, as we anticipate the difference in costs compared to digital formats would result in further expense to backers which we’re unable to accurately determine at this point in time. If circumstances change, we’ll update you ASAP as we 100% would love to do a physical release on Switch.” 

However, that’s not to say Yooka-Laylee won’t release as a digital copy on the Nintendo Store sometime this year, or that a physical copy is a guaranteed no-go. Nevertheless, if you simply cannot wait to play the game, you may be better off grabbing a copy for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC when the game releases on April 11th.

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