Devolver Digital Announces New Horror Game

Stories Untold boasts a similar narrative style to the hit Netflix show, Stranger Things.

Devolver Digital recently announced a new horror game, Stories Untold, which will release on Steam Monday, February 27th. Developed by No Code Studio, Stories Untold includes three unique horror stories, as well as a revamped version of “The House Abandon” which first appeared on September of last year.

The game features a distinct 1980s aesthetic and a creepy glowing orb that follows you around as you explore each story.

If you feel Stories Untold gives off a Stranger Things vibe you aren’t too far off, as the game’s poster was created by Kyle Lambert, who also provided the artwork for Stranger Things. 

While the creepy teaser trailer doesn’t reveal too many details, you're able to get a feel for the game ahead of time by downloading The House Abandon on for free.

The House Abandon offers an interesting “game within a game” experience, telling the story of a character perched in front of a retro computer to play a game. Instead of viewing the computer’s text-based adventure game as a whole, however, you retain a view of the desk around you topped with photos and an old-fashioned CRT TV.

No information has been given for the other three stories, so you’ll have to wait until Stories Untold hits Steam on February 27th to learn more.

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