Poi: All Explorer Medallion Locations - The Forest

How to unlock all five Explorer Medallions in The Forest.

In Poi, The Forest is the first map you start out on, though you’ll have an opportunity to return to it later to gather additional Explorer Medallions and Golden Gears.

Below, we’ve put together a guide on how to unlock all 5 Explorer Medallions in Poi’s Forest map.

Unlocking All 5 Explorer Medallions In The Forest

The Forest contains 5 Explorer Medallions, the first of which you earn during the opening tutorial of the game. The other 4 Explorer Medallions can only be earned once you unlock the ability to return to The Forest.

To revisit The Forest, head to The Sky and jump off the side of the Master Explorer’s ship.

Next, guide your parasail straight to the small floating ship with the Tweedle Dee aboard. Interacting with the Tweedle Dee will allow you to return to The Forest.

Trees and Keys

The Trees and Keys Explorer Medallion in The Forest requires you to collect 7 keys scattered throughout the map.

Key 1: Located next to the tent and campfire to the right of your spawn point.

Key 2: Head up the grass steps past the spawn point; the second key is near the waterfall above a wooden log.

Key 3: Climb up onto the rock directly above where you found the second key. The third key is hanging in mid-air between the two large boulders that lead into the center of The Forest.

Key 4: Head into the center of The Forest toward the stand with the raccoon. You'll find the fourth key on your left near the lake floating alongside two coins. 

Key 5: After collecting the fourth key, turn to your right and climb up the ladder affixed to the side of a boulder. There, you'll see the fifth key floating above two boulders connected by a wooden plank.

Key 6: Cross the white ropes that connect the trees together until you reach a small wooden fence. Look down and you'll see the sixth key in the grass to the left of the fence.

Key 7: Proceed straight through The Forest to the location where you first encountered the Master Explorer's ship. There, you'll find the 7th key past the checkpoint at the end of the bridge. 

Once you collect all 7 keys, the Trees and Keys Medallion will appear atop the large boulder that overlooks the waterfall (the same location as the third key).

100 Coins

The 100 Coins Explorer Medallion is featured in each and every one of Poi's maps. This Explorer Medallion requires you to collect 100 coins. To complete this task, run through The Forest collecting all coins and jewels.

Remember to either avoid monsters or kill them, as their attacks will cause you to drop coins.

Once you’ve collected 100 coins, head to the cart located in the center of The Forest and interact with the friendly raccoon to exchange your coins for an Explorer Medallion. The Medallion will appear to the left of the raccoon’s stand.

The Red Star

For this Explorer Medallion, you will need to own a telescope. If you don’t own a telescope, return to The Sky and purchase one from the Master Explorer.

Next, venture through the large waterfall to the second area in The Forest. There, you’ll find a Tweedle Dee perched atop a tree.

After interacting with the Tweedle Dee, use your telescope and zoom in on the Red Star to unlock the Red Star Medallion. 

Secret Cave

The Secret Cave Medallion is one of the hardest Medallions to find in The Forest. To unlock the Secret Cave Medallion, venture through the waterfall toward the second area of The Forest.

On the ground beside the tree where the Tweedle Dee is perched is a patch of dirt. Use your shovel to dig the dirt, then walk over the hole you’ve created to descend into the Secret Cave.

Once you’re in the Secret Cave, you can either head right to collect a large cluster of coins, or you can head left to find the Explorer Medallion floating above a stone statue.

For more Explorer Medallion locations, be sure to head back to our Explorer Medallion Hub. By following this guide, you should have all 5 Explorer Medallions unlocked in The Forest!

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