ARK Survival Evolved Gets New TEK Tier Update

The new TEK Tier update adds a futuristic touch to ARK Survival Evolved.

Studio Wildcard, the developers of ARK Survival Evolved, have announced that they have released new content today coming in the form of the TEK Tier update. This add-on will introduce 4 new creatures, a new Element, the first batch of new TEK Tier engrams, and a new game mechanic that lets you customize your character's hair.

The four new dinosaurs included in the update are a giant burrowing weasel called the Purlovia Maxima, a prehistoric dolphin called the Basilosaurus, the weak and sheepish Ovis Aries, and a crocodile-raptor hybrid called the Baryonyx.

The new Element which will power the newly introduced gear can only be obtained after completing the Boss Arenas in the game. Once you do that, you'll be awarded the new Element and some new TEK Tier engrams. These new unlockable engrams include cutting-edge items such as helmets with built-in oxygen tanks, T-Rex mounts with lasers, jet packs, and much more.

The new hair salon game mechanic lets players further customize their survivors with new hair colors, hairstyles, facial hair options, and real-time hair growth! All this comes alongside a special Valentine's Day event that rewards players with a dinosaur mating bonus, and a box of chocolates that unlocks V-day themed hairstyles and an emote.

To celebrate ARK Survival Evolved's success of reaching over one million copies sold on the PlayStation 4, the Survivor's Pack can be purchased for the PS4 at a 20% discount. This pack includes the current version of the game, the Scorched Earth DLC, as well as the Bionic Giganotosaurus skin, and Manticore armor set.

Watch the official TEK Tier update trailer below and let us know in the comments what you think!

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