Death Stranding Easter Egg Found in Horizon: Zero Dawn

One website has already discovered hidden references to Death Stranding in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Although Horizon: Zero Dawn is currently unavailable to the public, the website Game Legends recently shared an interesting Easter Egg they discovered while previewing the game.

The Easter Egg comes in the form of a trinket dubbed the "Abandoned Amulet" and depicts an outline of Kojima Productions’ mascot, Ludens.

Ludens is a spacesuit-wearing figure who hides the face of Hideo Kojima, which was confirmed during an interview with Polygon at last year's San Diego Comic-Con. Ludens can be seen prominently displayed inside the Tokyo studio for Kojima Productions and is also available for purchase as a limited edition statue.

In Horizon: Zero Dawn, the outline of Ludens isn't the only connection made with Kojima and Death Stranding. After roughly translating the trinket's description from Italian to English, another reference can be found: 

“Abandoned Amulet (Very Rare) — This object is valid only for curious merchants. Six blocks of oxidized metal twisted from one cable. Sources: Special. Useful For: Merchant exchanges.”

The description seems to reference the necklace worn by Norman Reedus in the first Death Stranding trailer. Speculation continues to run rampant as to what the six tags on the necklace worn by Reedus signify, with one theory calling out the mathematical equation seen etched on the side as a reference to The Dirac Equation.

Unfortunately, the Abandoned Amulet's use in Horizon: Zero Dawn doesn't appear to provide any additional insight on Death Stranding's mysterious plot as of right now. 

Overall, this Easter Egg in Horizon: Zero Dawn appears to be a cool nod at Hideo Kojima, who’s also using Guerrilla Games’ Decima Engine to develop Death Stranding.

The Abandoned Amulet is likely one of many Easter Eggs hidden within Horizon: Zero Dawn that reference Hideo Kojima and Death Stranding. Until the game is released, however, we'll just have to wait to see what other Easter Eggs lurk within the expansive world of Horizon: Zero Dawn!

Horizon: Zero Dawn is scheduled to release on February 28th for the PlayStation 4

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