How to Set Up Your Nintendo Switch

A new video courtesy of Nintendo offers a comprehensive look at how to set up your Switch.

With March 3rd fast approaching, Nintendo decided to release an early tutorial covering the basics of how to set up your Nintendo Switch. The tutorial, entitled “Nintendo Switch First Time Use,” includes several helpful pieces of information you need to know when setting up your Switch.

First, the video demonstrates how to select your preferred language, how to view and accept the End-User License Agreement, and how to configure WiFi. Knowing how to set up WiFi on the Switch is crucial, as you’ll need it to access the Nintendo eShop.

Next, you’ll select your desired time zone before diving into what is perhaps one of the most important components—setting up the Nintendo Switch on your television. To set up the Nintendo Switch on your TV, detach the Joy-Con controllers from the handheld device by pressing the small black button on the back of each controller.

Then, refer to the visual guide on how to connect the Nintendo Switch docking station to your TV using the requisite HDMI and power cables. Finally, slide the handheld device into the Nintendo Switch docking station and check your television to ensure everything is properly connected. Here, you’ll be able to create a Nintendo profile complete with a cute avatar and customizable Mii.

If you’re a parent setting the unit up for your child, you’ll also be able to access parental controls after creating a profile. You can learn more about the parental controls on the Nintendo Switch by watching the adorable trailer featuring Bowser and his son above. Once your Nintendo Switch is properly set up, simply press the home button on the bottom of your right Joy-Con controller to access the main menu.

What do you think of Nintendo’s new Switch tutorial? Was it easy to follow, do you have any additional questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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