Nintendo Switch Cartridges Taste Awful

How Nintendo is deterring children from chowing down on Nintendo Switch cartridges.

The Nintendo Switch community recently discovered an interesting fact about the console’s game cartridges, namely that they taste absolutely awful. You may be wondering, why would anyone want to put a Nintendo Switch cartridge in their mouth in the first place?

Apparently, Nintendo has specifically designed their Switch cartridges to taste foul in an effort to discourage young children and animals from ingesting them. This has resulted in waves of people verifying this news with copies of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

While the Nintendo Switch launch title may be incredible according to those able to preview it, the same cannot be said about the unique flavor of its cartridge.

The real underlying question beneath the obvious humor of licking cartridges is whether or not this will actually discourage children from swallowing them whole. As many parents can attest, infants and toddlers have a penchant for taste-testing inedible objects. Hence why you see choking warnings on just about anything a child can put in its mouth.

Enter the Nintendo Switch cartridges, which are smaller than Nintendo 3DS cartridges and are more akin to the size of a MicroSD card. In order to avoid an inevitable lawsuit, Nintendo is taking extra precautions to ensure their novel new game cartridges are as safe as possible.

According to those brave enough to validate these claims, Nintendo has successfully managed to make Switch cartridges taste so bad they honestly make you want to vomit.  

We have to admit the idea is both strange and uniquely brilliant. We’re sure there will still be the adventurous child or two that ignores the vile taste. However, if this reduces the risk of choking, even marginally, we’re fully on board with the idea. You know, aside from actually licking the cartridge ourselves. We’re definitely going to have to take a pass on that one.

What do you think of Nintendo’s attempt at childproofing their Nintendo Switch game cartridges? Let us know in the comments below!

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