Stranger Things officially becomes free retro adventure game ahead of second season

Weirder stuff has happened.

In an almost perfect coinciding of timeframes, a retro-styled game has arrived for 80s-themed supernatural thriller Netflix series Stranger Things weeks before its second season. It's almost like...Netflix was involved in both of these things. Almost like a company made some decisions. About timing.

Anyway, Stranger Things: The Game is out now on iOS and Android and seems to be a big mash-up of genres to get you excited about the return of the boys and possibly their telekinetic pal Eleven.

It looks like you collect Eggo waffles so the references are definitely on point, and there’s a mix of environments both right-side-up and upside-down to explore with what looks like the full cast of characters of adults and kids.

Check out some of those genres in this gameplay trailer:


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