Zelda Williams Streams The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Robin Williams’ daughter honors her namesake for charity.

Today, March 9th, Zelda Williams livestreamed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Twitch for charity. All proceeds garnered from the livestream were donated to the BBR Foundation, an organization aimed at promoting mental health research.

The daughter of late actor Robin Williams was named after the Princess of Hyrule herself, so it makes sense she’d stream the latest and greatest game in the Zelda franchise.

Despite some of the quirks attached to the Nintendo Switch, the console has actually been selling quite well. Although the game was also released for the Wii U, a majority of the sales have gone toward buoying the Nintendo Switch.

On the charity livestream, viewers could see Zelda Williams playing Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch holding the packaged Joy-Con Grip. To recap Zelda Williams’ time with Breath of the Wild and the Nintendo Switch, be sure to head over to the lvlupdojo Twitch page. Additionally, be sure to learn more about the BBR Foundation, and follow Zelda Williams on Twitter.

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