Brawlhalla Reveals Mordex at PAX East 2017

Meet Brawlhalla's newest werewolf Legend, Mordex.

At PAX East 2017, we paid a visit to the Brawlhalla booth to check out the newest additions to the game. While a plethora of new maps are making their way to the game, what really caught our attention was the upcoming playable character (legend), Mordex. 

Mordex is styled after a werewolf and uses both a scythe and gauntlets to take down his foes. According to developers at Blue Mammoth, Mordex is more of a "community created" character.

The reason for this being that while Mordex is sporadically mentioned throughout Brawlhalla's lore as one of the game's legends, he's never overtly been revealed in-game. This resulted in players taking stabs at who, or what, they think Mordex could be. These suggestions ranged from vampire, to werewolf, all the way to a lizard-like creature. 

Players hopping aboard the werewolf legend theory will be happy to hear that they were, of course, proven correct. 

Mordex is one of the first Brawlhalla characters to feel truly elemental in style. While Queen Nai has snakes and Ember makes use of various "earth" styles, Mordex is primarily an ice-based character.

For example, by using his special attack with the scythe, players can kick up a wave of ice. Additionally, with Mordex being a werewolf, he can release a signature werewolf howl when using the gauntlets.

When speaking with a few members of the team, they explained how Mordex didn't start out as a werewolf in their minds. However, when really thinking about the character design, developer Nick Dolce hit on the idea of Mordex being a werewolf and everything began falling into place. 

To see Mordex in action, be sure to download Brawlhalla for free on Steam.

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