Word Cookies: All Cinnamon Cheats

A complete list of Cinnamon cheats for Word Cookies players.

In order to clear Novice Chef in Word Cookies, you’ll have to clear all the flavors, and for players who might be stuck, we’ve put together a list of all the Cinnamon answers. If you find yourself struggling with completing some of the puzzles under this category, no need worry about cheating since it’s a common flavor for people to have trouble with.

A word to the wise, to avoid ending up in this situation again, we suggest only using your coins when you’re certain that you’ve tried every word option you can think of. We say this because you might be surprised at some of the choices that Word Cookies accepts.

Below, you’ll find all the Cinnamon answers along with images for reference.

Cinnamon 1

  • Arm
  • Dam
  • Mad
  • Mar
  • Rad
  • Ram
  • Drama

Cinnamon 2

  • Elf
  • She
  • Self
  • Flesh
  • Shelf

Cinnamon 3

  • Sue
  • Use
  • Sues
  • Uses
  • Guess

Cinnamon 4

  • Dim
  • Hid
  • Him
  • Hum
  • Mid
  • Mud
  • Humid

Cinnamon 5

  • Eve
  • Fee
  • Ref
  • Rev
  • Ever
  • Free
  • Reef
  • Fever

If you're looking for a specific solution to one of the puzzles, you'll find it in one of the pages linked below. You can travel to the next page by using the first link or navigate to the page that lists that particular answer. When you’re done with this article, you may want to take a look at our Word Cookies Banana cheats since that's the next flavor, or recap our latest Word Cookies Creme Brulee guide.

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