Best Indie Games For Mac - Page 3

Buff up your indie game collection on this neglected gaming platform.


Assume the role of a fire lookout in the middle of the vast Wyoming forest in Firewatch. You’ll play as Henry, a guy who’s going through some tough times and decides that his way of coping is to watch the forest burn from the top of a tower. You’ll make fast friends with your supervisor Delilah who accompanies you on this emotional journey, as you attempt to solve a mystery of an unknown presence that lurks in the woods. Firewatch is an indie game that has been recognized with many awards and is a worthwhile addition for any Mac owner’s game library.


As one of the most beloved modern RPGs of our time, Undertale is an indie game that takes you on a journey through the world of monsters. You play as a human child who’s trying to find a way out of this strange place called the Underground, where you’ll face a variety of obstacles. The outcome of the story depends on how you respond to these threats so make your choices carefully! Undertale’s unique design, lovable characters, and amazing soundtrack is a requirement for any indie game enthusiast’s collection, no matter what platform you’re on!


These games provide amazing and unique experiences that you won't be able to find among triple-A titles. If there are titles that you think belong on here, let us know in the comments! We hope that we've been able to improve your supplement your library with some of the best indie games available for Mac.


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