Snake Pass - Full Achievement List

Check out all the cool achievements you can unlock in Snake Pass! 

If you're one of the many gamers who recently picked up Sumo Digital's latest offering, Snake Pass, you may find yourself wondering what achievements you can unlock. Fortunately, the full list of Snake Pass achievements was recently leaked, which will help give you a better idea of how to fully complete the game.

Below, we've listed out every achievement you can unlock in Snake Pass! 

  • Gated Progress: The first gate is still broken (10 points). 
  • Gate Crasher: Place three keystones into the Gate (15 points). 
  • Snakes on a Plain: Receive a gift from Bol-Dor, Earth Gatekeeper (30 points). 
  • Blowing Bubbles: Receive a gift from Sog-Gee, Water Gatekeeper (30 points). 
  • Hot Topic: Receive a gift from Cyn-Derr, Fire Gatekeeper (30 points). 
  • Easy Breezy: Receive a gift from Bloh-Wee, Air Gatekeeper (30 points). 
  • Snake Eyes: Secret achievement (90 points). 
  • Snake Wrangler: Secret achievement (15 points). 
  • Danger is my Middle Name: Activate a Gate without activating any checkpoints (30 points).  
  • Archaeologist: Disturb a Gatekeeper Idol in every level (30 points).
  • Switch it Up: Secret achievement (15 points).
  • Snake? SNAKE? SNAAAAKE!: Secret achievement (15 points).
  • Quetzalcoatl: Complete every level without dying (90 points).
  • Can't You Read?: Secret achievement (20 points).
  • Terminal Velocity: Fall from a great height (15 points).
  • Do You Even Lift, Bro?: Secret achievement (15 points).
  • Pedantic Progress: Collect and place Keystones on the Gate one at a time (20 points).
  • Need a Lift?: Use Doodle's Tail Lift continuously in Paradise Path (15 points).
  • Hole in One: Get a hole in one on Crooked Canal (15 points).
  • No Diving: Complete Lazy Lagoon without touching the water (30 points).
  • Floor is Molten Rock: Collect two Keystones in Gatekeeper Gardens without touching the ground (30 points).
  • Short Haul Flight: Secret achievement (15 points).
  • Punished Snake: Secret achievement (15 points).
  • Rocket Snake: Maintain to slither speed for 10 seconds (15 points)
  • Rocky Beginnings: Collect all of Earth's Wisps (30 points).
  • Wet Wisp Wonderland: Collect all of Water's Wisps (30 points).
  • Hot Potatoes: Collect all of Fire's Wisps (30 points).
  • Breezy Bonus: Collect all of Air's Wisps (30 points).
  • Totally Minted: Collect all of the Gatekeeper Coins (90 points).
  • Expressionism: Secret achievement (15 points).
  • Snakey Wakey: Secret achievement  (20 points).
  • Halfway Hero: Secret achievement (30 points).
  • Total Snakeage: Secret achievement (90 points).

As of right now, there are 33 achievements to earn in Snake Pass. It's important to note that wherever you see a "Secret Achievement" in the list, these can only be uncovered by actively playing the game. Because Snake Pass came out today, it'll be at least a few days before the hidden achievements are announced.

For example, we collected the achievement called "Punished Snake" after falling to our death several times. Meaning that one Secret Achievement, Punished Snake, can be collected by falling over the edge several times. As such, we recommend experimenting while playing Snake Pass to unlock additional Secret Achievements. 

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