Map and All Locations in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

A complete guide to the Battlegrounds map and its locations.

In this article, you’ll find a complete guide to the map and all of the locations in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Where you choose to start in this game is essential to your survival since each city, town, port, and military base can provide you with different kinds of tools and equipment.

Are you looking for a military grade weaponry and a great place for your squad to dominate? Then you’re going to need to know the map in Battlegrounds like the back of your hand. We’re here to help you.

* This guide is a work in progress. Please check back for locations that have not yet been explored.

Locations In Battlegrounds

Below is the complete list of locations and what you can expect to find when you get there. See our map with car spawn locations if you're looking for places to find a vehicle.

Sosnovka Military Base

A military base that is filled with vehicle bays, warehouses, and a school. You can find military-grade equipment such as high-level helmets, vests, powerful sniper and assault rifles, and a good variety of gun attachments.

Vehicles are hard to come by so you’ll more than likely have to travel to a residential area nearby. This is a very popular spot to aim for when ejecting from the plane so find yourself a good rifle and a helmet as soon as you land.


A town decorated with houses, bunkers, and a considerable amount of vehicles on the northeast coast of Sosnovka. You can find limited quantities of military-grade equipment here but it’ll require a bit more effort to find. Not as many players choose to land here but they’ll often pass through here to get to the mainland.


 A run-down town by the southwest shore that harbors a surprising amount of military-grade rifles, gun attachments, and armor. A bonus to this Battlegrounds location is that it’s not a popular starting point for players on the map. It also has vehicle spawn points. Overall, it's a great place to start off but don’t spend too much time here since it will take you awhile to make your way to other parts of the map.




A port on the western part of the map that consists of industrial warehouses and storage containers. You'll definitely find some military-grade armor and weaponry here but it's important to note that it's also a popular starting point where you'll quickly encounter other players who are pretty aggressive. Vehicles and standard grade equipment can be found by searching the areas nearby.






A quaint farm town with lots of houses and a safe starting point typically void of other players. Exploring the area around Pochinki will earn you some decent equipment such as pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, vests, and helmets. There’s plenty of vehicles available for a quick getaway, as well.


A small, secluded town on a hill with lots of houses. Most of what you’ll find at this Battlegrounds location is pretty standard, excluding the school in the southwest part of town which can house some nice sniper rifles. It’s not a great place to start since there aren’t too many vehicles nearby and you might get killed by one of the people hanging around the school or passing through here to get to other places on the map.

Yasnaya Polyana

A fairly large town in the middle of farmland that is overrun with apartment complexes for pillaging. You’ll find lots of military-grade weapons and armor but this spot is unpredictable. Sometimes this is a popular spot for players and other times, not so much. Regardless, there’s plenty of hiding places and vehicle spawn locations in the case you want to avoid confrontation.


 A location that’s composed of stone ruins and abandoned campfires. It’s not the best place to start your adventures in Battlegrounds and is a trek back to any of the towns in the surrounding area. You can find shotguns, pistols, and occasionally some nice armor here.


A small town near Mylta Power that reaps the benefits of its location. Although it’s close to the popular power plant, it’s typically one of the safer places to land on the Battlegrounds map. Other players don't frequent this location and there’s also plenty of mid-tier equipment to choose from. Vehicle spawn locations are available nearby and can be a great place for beginners to start.

Mylta Power

A power plant on the eastern side of the Battlegrounds map with lots of abandoned buildings and warehouses surrounded by industrial wasteland. Similar to Sosnovka Military Base in the sense that you can find plenty of great equipment here, especially shotguns, pistols, helmets, vests, and machetes. Because of this, it’s another popular spot for players to start, but finding a vehicle might prove more trouble than it’s worth.


Another town by the shore with big houses and abandoned buildings. Similar to Primorsk, it can be a great place for newer players to start off since there’s lots of great equipment here and a couple vehicle spawn locations.

Complete Battlegrounds Map

Hopefully, this in-depth explanation of the map was helpful and any additional pointers about great starting locations in Battlegrounds are welcomed in the comments. Also, make sure to check out our article on the best tips for winning, and a complete list of weapons and stats in Battlegrounds.


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