Grab 4 Free Indie Games with PlayStation Plus this Month

You're sure to love the free indie games in this month's PS Plus.

This month, PlayStation Plus subscription members will be able to stock up on four wonderful and free indie titles as part of the free games program. For those who are unfamiliar, PlayStation Plus is a membership service where players can access features such as online multiplayer, cloud storage, and free games every month. Although the free games of the month aren't exclusively indie, we couldn't help but share some of the awesome games you'll be able to download this month at no additional cost.

10 Second Ninja X

If you're into fast-paced platforming then 10 Second Ninja X is perfect for you. Imprisoned in Captain Greatbeards airship, you must use your blazing fast ninja skills to destroy all of his robot minions. Take on 100 agility intensive levels where you'll have to eliminate all of the enemies to progress. Oh, and one more thing we forgot to mention - you only have ten seconds to complete every level.

There's a lot of creative platforming and puzzles which can be attributed to Four Circle Interactive's stellar level design. That shouldn't be a problem though considering you're a ninja! Unlock up to eight different costumes, uncover hidden minigames, try out marathon mode, rank high on the leaderboards, and so much more with 10 Second Ninja X. PlayStation Plus members should make sure to add this one to their library.

Curses 'N Chaos

Curses 'N Chaos is a co-op 2D arena brawler that follows Lea and Leo, the fiercest bounty hunters in all the land! This unstoppable duo has been cursed by the horrible Wizard king and now they must fight off mobs of terrible creatures, monsters and the Grim Reaper himself!

The only way for them to lift the curse is to concoct the legendary Elixir of Life, which may sound easy but first, you'll have to gather all the ingredients. This requires Lea and Leo to beat up some monsters! Invite a friend to tag along or play solo, in the fight for your life in Curses 'N Chaos.

Drawn to Death

David Jaffe, director of highly acclaimed titles such as Twisted Metal and God of War, announced the eccentric deathmatch shooter, Drawn to Death, several years ago. For the month of April, PlayStation Plus members will have the pleasure of experiencing it for free. From the art style to the weapons and characters, Drawn to Death makes chaotic third person shooters fun again.

Players can exploit each character's unique arsenal of weapons and fighting techniques in Free-for-all or Team Deathmatch scenarios. It makes you wonder, does David Jaffe hold the crown in mayhem and entertainment? Well, if you're a PlayStation Plus member this month, play Drawn to Death for free and be the judge!

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

If you've been looking for the perfect party game or co-op experience then Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is here to answer your call. Having played this game, we can vouch for just how much fun exploring neon space and rescuing adorable space bunnies is. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime lets each player control a different section of the spaceship.

From manning turrets, lasers, shields, and thrusters - each section is handled individually by a player. This team-based dynamic will have you going from laughing out loud to eerily quiet as you work together to keep from crashing or destroying your spaceship. We highly recommend Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime to you as one of this month's PS plus free titles.

For more indie games recommendations, take a look at these awesome anime games from last week's Steam weekend sale, check out the top indie game releases for this month, and see what hot indie titles you can play on a Mac. See all of the free games available on PlayStation Plus for April 2017 on the PlayStation blog.


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