Super League City Champs - Schedule of Events

A full itinerary of what to expect during each Super League City Champs event day.

During each Super League City Champs gameplay session, kids get to play Minecraft on the big screen while competing in a series of designated game modes. We put together a brief overview of the event schedule so that parents and players can know what to expect from the average City Champs Minecraft event.

Super League City Champs Event Schedule

The Super League City Champs competition consists of three 90-minute Minecraft gameplay sessions, with a possible fourth session for those who qualify for The Grand Final. There are seven Minecraft game modes that participants are scheduled to compete in throughout each gameplay session.

10:15 - Auditorium Doors Open, “Lobby” Starts

Upon entering the auditorium, kids can take their seats in the movie theater, meet new friends, strategize about specific game modes, and load up Minecraft on their laptops.

10:40 - Competitive gameplay starts; players must be in their seats.

Players will have just under half an hour to get acquainted with their new teammates and take their seats. Kids will need to be in their seats and ready to play by this time. For details on each of the seven Minecraft game modes at the City Champs competition, head over to our tips guide.

10:45 - Mayhem Game Mode

The Mayhem game mode is a Minecraft free-for-all battle royale where players must defeat opponents to earn as many points as possible. The round lasts about 10 minutes.

10:55 - Domination Game Mode

In Domination, players must work as a team to secure and hold capture points for as long as possible. Holding multiple territories for an extended time is key to this game mode. Domination will also last for about 10 minutes.

11:05 - Workshop Game Mode

The Workshop game mode is all about building and creativity. Players must work together with other kids on their team to construct a redstone device that launches TNT at a fixed target. The more blocks they destroy on the target, the higher their score will be. Workshop lasts for 15 minutes.

11:20 - Soccer Game Mode

The Soccer game mode in Minecraft works the same way it does in real life. Kids will have a little over 10 minutes to kick a soccer ball into the opponent’s net and score points. Double jumping with spacebar is the key for getting across the field quickly in this fast-paced game mode.

11:32 - Walls Game Mode

You’re halfway through the event! In Walls, kids must utilize both offensive and defensive strategies to protect their team’s Crystal from enemy attacks. Players must work together to quickly build up defenses around their Crystal using walls and traps before engaging in battle. Once battle begins, they must attempt to attack the enemy Crystal while keeping opponents away from their own.

11:47 - Crystal Crater Game Mode

In Crystal Crater, kids must try to collect small crystals from a central arena and bring it back to the reactor in their base to keep it energized. Each player has a Stun Blaster that can be used to slow down opponents and damage the reactor of the enemy team. Crystal Crater requires a lot of strategy, so kids will need to communicate with their teammates to keep their team’s reactor energized.

11:57 - Zombies Game Mode

To finish off the day, participants will play the Zombies game mode. This will run for at least 15 minutes at the end of each City Champs gaming session. Zombies puts the children’s survival skills to the test as they fight off hordes of Zombies over several rounds. Kids will have to stick together and revive each other if they want to stay alive and earn better items.

12:12 - Gameplay Ends, Leaderboard

Each City Champs gameplay event wraps up a little after 12 p.m. noon. Kids will pack up and reflect on the day, hopefully returning with new strategies and friendships going into future event sessions.

12:30 - Auditorium Clear

The City Champs event ends at 12:30 p.m. Time to go home! Players and event goers should be prepared for nearly two hours of fun gameplay and friendly competition during their time at the Super League City Champs Minecraft event.

The City Champs competition offers an experience that kids will remember for a lifetime. To register your child for the Super League City Champs competition, head over to to buy tickets to a City Champs event near you.

City Champs Minecraft Locations

City Champs Minecraft events will be held in multiple cities over the coming months. Head over to the City Champs Minecraft event page for details on the dates and times for each city’s gaming sessions. The participating theaters and locations are as follows:

Cinemark Playa Vista and XD

12746 W Jefferson Blvd #3190, Los Angeles, CA 90094

Cinemark Paradise 24

15601 Sheridan St, Davie, FL 33331

Cinemark Seven Bridges and IMAX

6500 IL-53, Woodridge, IL 60517

Cinemark 17 and IMAX Theatre

11819 Webb Chapel Rd, Dallas, TX 75234

Cinemark Memorial City Houston

Memorial City Mall, 310 Memorial City Way, Houston, TX 77024

Redwood Downtown 20 and XD

The Old Spaghetti Factory, 825 Middlefield Rd, Redwood City, CA 94063

Century 16 Boulder

Twenty Ninth Street Mall, 1700 29th St., Boulder, CO 80301

Century 16 Santa Fe Station

4949 N Rancho Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89130

iPic Redmond

Redmond Town Center, 16541 NE 74th St, Redmond, WA 98052

iPic Fulton Market

11 Fulton St New York, NY 10038

Showcase Cinema de Lux, Patriot Place

Patriot Place, 24 Patriot Pl. Foxborough, MA 2035

Harkins Theatres SanTan Village 16

SanTan Village, 2298 E Williams Field Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296

Head over to the City Champs Minecraft event page for additional details and to purchase tickets.

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