Nintendo increases Switch supply to 2m per month

Chinese launch expected to boost demand further.

Nintendo has reportedly raised orders for Nintendo Switch consoles from its suppliers to two millions units per month in order to try to keep up with crazy demand from retailers.

That's according to a report from DigiTimes, which noted that Switch demand is likely to surge further in 2018 when the console goes on sale in China, which removed a ban on game console sales in early 2014.

The last sales numbers we had from Nintendo told us Switch had sold through nearly 5m units by the end of June this year, but that number is likely to have increased considerably since then and will obviously benefit from strong seasonal sales and the launch of Mario Odyssey later this month.

To put all this in context, Nintendo's last home console, the Wii U, was discontinued in 2017 after selling less than 14m units in five years on the market.

We loved the quirky old beast, but it's clear Switch has captured the public's imagination to a much greater extent. Long may it continue!


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