Top 9 PS4 Indie Releases of 2017 - Page 4

Take a look at nine of the coolest indies coming to the PlayStation 4 this year.

3) Vampyr

Another one that we’ve covered extensively here at Indie Obscura, Vampyr is the next indie game offering from Dontnod Entertainment (Life is Strange, Remember Me). Vampyr puts you directly into an 1800’s gothic noir setting where all of your actions matter.

The tale centers around Jonathan Reid, a vampiric doctor trying to stay alive, keep his identity hidden, and balance between being a doctor responsible for saving lives while also being a vampire. It’s an interesting predicament, and reminds us a bit of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. We expect to put a lot of hours into Vampyr when it releases later this year (most likely during the fall). 

2) Rime

After some development hangups, developer Tequila Works acquired the rights to Rime from Sony, and have been hard at work on the game ever since. Boasting an art design reminiscent of games like Journey and Ico, Rime is a puzzle-based game revolving around a young boy shipwrecked on a mysterious island.

In Rime, you’ll work through several interesting challenges, all while as exploring the island in effort to discover a way out. The game looks to be wrapped in subtlety and metaphor, and we cannot wait to experience it ourselves when it releases to PS4 (and other platforms) this May.

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