Creepiest Little Nightmares Screenshots - Page 3

Take a visual tour of one of the creepiest games of the year. 

The Searching Hands

Six often has to avoid capture from creatures, one of which being The Janitor. The Janitor is a blind entity with a superb sense of smell and seriously long arms. Here, you see Six surrounded on both sides by The Janitor's prying hands. 

The Murder Channel

Speaking of The Janitor, this moment really creeped us out. Knowing that The Janitor is blind, there's something really unsettling about seeing him crouched around a black and white TV with the image of a woman holding a butcher knife. No thank you, we'll just continue on our way.

The Shoe Graveyard

This one also bothered us, as you see Six standing atop a suitcase in the middle of a sea of shoes. Who these shoes once belonged to, and where they are now, are a total mystery. One we're content to never solve.

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