Little Nightmares Walkthrough Part 5 - The Lady's Quarters

The end of our Little Nightmares walkthrough places you in an eerie face off in the Lady's Quarters.

If you've made it this far, then you'll be happy to hear that you are close to beating Little Nightmares! In this 5th and final installment to the walkthrough, you'll be exploring the Geisha's room and facing off in a final battle against her. 

If you're looking for earlier parts of the game, you can find them in our Little Nightmares walkthrough hub which also includes helpful tips, collectibles, trophy and achievement guides.

Little Nightmares Walkthrough Part 5 - The Lady’s Quarters

In this portion of the game, you'll find the following collectibles:

  • No Nomes
  • 1 Statue

Walk out of the elevator and continue down the hall. Go up the first set of stairs and you’ll come across a door that requires a key. For now, keep going up the stairs and enter the room on the following floor. The Geisha will be in her room but you’ll be able to move past if you crouch while walking by. You’ll be able to see a statue near where the Geisha is standing but we’ll get to that later.

In the room to the left, smash the white and blue vase next to the bed. Inside will be the key. Take this since you’ll need for the door downstairs. After smashing the vase, the Geisha will leave so you can move the chair towards the vanity and break the statue.

Go back down the flight of stairs to the locked door. The Geisha will appear when you start moving to the right. Start running until you can slide into the next room. Head to the room on the right and take off the board obstructing your path. Head to the table in the background and pick up the small mirror on the cushion. Head back to the room you were just in.

Walk towards the Geisha which will trigger the room to go dark. A spotlight will appear. Run towards it, stand underneath it, and then point the mirror in the Geisha’s direction. This will hurt the Geisha and result in you dropping the mirror. Pick it back up and repeat the process until you beat her.

Once she is beat, walk over to her and satisfy your hunger. Once you’re on the elevator, walk the path in front of you to finish the game.

If you still have a craving for some more Little Nightmares after completing this walkthrough, get ready for some eerie theories and read up on the game's ending explained, and look at this compilation of some of the creepiest screenshots.  

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