Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 Announced

The Hello Neighbor alpha 4 update will include tons of new content.

The Hello Neighbor alpha 4 was announced by tinyBuild Games today and will be available to people with Early Access to the game starting on May 4th. In the upcoming update, players will be able to experience a larger house filled with more puzzles to solve and secrets to uncover. It’s also the closest we'll get to the final version of your surly neighbor’s home in all of the alphas thus far.

Expect New Content in the alpha 4 

There are new conspiracies to unravel in the alpha 4
There are new conspiracies to unravel in the alpha 4

In the announcement, tinyBuild revealed that Dynamic Pixels has added tons of new features for players to explore. There were no specific details about what we should expect but that just means we’ll have to discover all the new content on our own. This is not unlike the Hello Neighbor alphas in the past but we all know that fans of Hello Neighbor tend to be incredibly cunning, smart, and talented individuals, capable of unraveling any mystery the devs might throw their way.

We do know that the launch date of Hello Neighbor is scheduled for the Summer, so this could very well be the last version we’ll be able to play before we get to experience the completed version of the game. If you're already a part of the Early Access, you can expect your copy of the game to auto update on Thursday to the Hello Neighbor alpha 4. That’s only a few days away so be prepared to face off against that suspicious neighbor of yours once again.

Make sure to take a look at the 2 second micro teaser trailer below. Tell us in the comments if you can spot anything new and unusual.

For more on this game,  find out how you can play the Hello Neighbor alpha for free and what steps you need to take to reach your crazy neighbor's basement.

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