Prey - All Safes and Safe Codes

A list of all safes in Prey and the safe codes needed to unlock them.

In Prey, there are a variety of safes located throughout the map that require codes to unlock. Inside each of these safes, you’ll find a variety of useful items and equipment.

While the safes themselves aren’t too difficult to spot, seeking out the respective safe codes can be a bit of a pain if you’re not sure where to look. To help you out, we’ve put together a guide containing the locations of all safes and their respective safe codes in Prey.

Note: This guide is a work in progress and will be updated once more safes and safe codes are found in Prey.

Simulation Debriefing Safe Code

The Simulation Debriefing safe in Prey.

In the Prey demo, the Simulation Debriefing safe is the first safe you come across. As with every safe in Prey, it requires a code to open. You’ll come across the Simulation Debriefing safe after exiting Morgan Yu’s apartment, heading into the testing labs, and then locating the room labeled “Simulation Debriefing.”

In the Simulation Debriefing room, you’ll find a safe in the right corner, as well as a whiteboard to your left with the safe code erased. Now, the primary objective here is to watch a video message that has been left for you. In that video message, you’re able to look to your left and see the same whiteboard. However, in the video message, the safe code hasn’t been erased and is revealed to be 5150.

In the video message, you'll see the Simulation Debriefing safe code on a whiteboard behind Morgan Yu.

Keep in mind that if you’ve gone past a certain point in the Prey demo, there’s no way to return to the Simulation Debriefing room to unlock the safe. If this is the case, you may have to restart the Prey demo in order to enter the 5150 code on the Simulation Debriefing safe. Note that you can enter the 5150 safe code even if you haven’t watched the Simulation Debriefing video.

Security Room Safe Code

There's a safe located behind the Security Room desk after you enter Prey's Talos 1 Lobby.

In Prey, there’s a Security Room found within the main Talos 1 Lobby. Here, you’ll find a safe located right behind the Security Room desk. It can be easy to miss this safe, because if you drop down from the ceiling rather than entering the Talos 1 Lobby through the front door, the safe won’t be visible unless you turn around and look directly behind you.

In the Security Room, there’s a book that references the Bible passage Judges 5:26. By examining the book, you’ll be able to get the code for the Security Room safe: 0526. Now that you have the code, head back to the safe behind the Security Room main desk and enter the 0526 code. This should unlock the safe and allow you to access the contents inside.

Devries Safe Code

You'll need to clear the quarantine area to unlock the safe inside Hendrick Devries' office. 

In Prey, you’ll find a Trauma Center in the main Talos 1 Lobby. Here, you’ll need to locate an office for a man named Hendrick Devries. Inside Hendrick Devries’ office, you’ll find a safe. To locate the code required to unlock Devries’ safe, you’ll need to head back into the quarantine area of the Trauma center.

Note that you’ll be tasked with battling a pretty formidable enemy in order to clear the quarantine area and access the safe code, so make sure you come prepared for a fight. Once you clear the quarantine area, you’ll be able to track down the code for Devries’ safe, which is 7324. Now, head back into Hendrick Devries’ office and enter the safe code 7324. This will unlock the safe and allow you to access the contents inside.

Dr. Thorstein’s Office Safe Code

In Prey, you'll find another safe located inside Dr. Thorstein's office.

As you’re exploring the Hardware Labs in Prey, you’ll stumble across a safe located in Dr. Thorstein’s office. To find the code for this particular safe, you’ll need to locate a sticky note in Dr. Thorstein’s office that reads “Es & Xe.” This sticky note refers to the elements Einsteinium and Xenon, which occupy the atomic numbers 99 and 54 respectively.

As you can probably infer, these are the four numbers needed to unlock the safe in Dr. Thorstein’s office. After taking a look at the sticky note, head back to Dr. Thorstein’s safe and enter the safe code 9954. This should unlock Dr. Thorstein’s safe and allow you to grab the contents inside.

Behavior Test Safe Answers

Head to Mathias Kohl's workstation to activate the Behavior Test in Prey.

While investigating the Trauma Center in Prey, you'll want to take a detour into the Counselor's Office, aka the office of Mathias Kohl. If you're still having trouble finding it, it's located next to the office of Hendrik Devries.

Inside the Counselor's Office, you'll find two computer workstations. To unlock the safe, you'll need to take a behavior test and input the correct set of answers. To activate the behavior test, head to the Mathias Kohl's computer workstation in the back of the room and activate the behavior test.

To successfully unlock the Behavior Test safe in Prey, you'll need to input the correct set of answers.

This will bring the behavior test up on the computer workstation closest to the door. Hit "Start" to begin the behavior test, then input the answers in the following order: A, C, B, A, C. In doing so, a painting will lift up in front of you revealing a safe. If you accidentally input the answers incorrectly, you can restart the behavior test as many times as you like without penalty.  

Dr. Calvino’s Safe Code

Inside Dr. Calvino’s office within the Hardware Labs is a safe. To track down the safe code, listen to the Notes 3 audio recording on Dr. Calvino's workstation. This will let you know that Dr. Calvino's safe code is 0523. Now that you know the code, head back to Dr. Calvino's safe and enter the safe code 0523 to access the contents inside.  

Ballistics Lab Safe Code

If you venture through the Hardware Lab into the Ballistics Lab, you'll find another safe. To locate the safe code for the Ballistics Lab safe, you'll need to head to a grate in the corner of the room. Unfortunately, you'll need to upgrade Morgan's Leverage I skill via a Neuromod in order to access the Ballistics Lab safe code. If you're impatient, the Ballistics Lab safe code is 8035.

Dr. Kelstrup’s Safe Code

For those of you stuck on the part of the main story mission where you scan using the Psychoscope, you may also be wondering what Dr. Kelstrup's safe code is. Spoiler, the code to get into Dr. Kelstrup's safe is 3181. 

Magnetosphere Safe Code

There's another safe located within the Magnetosphere Control Room. To find the safe code for the Magnetosphere safe, head into the Magnetosphere Restroom. There, you'll want to look on the bathroom shelf with several rolls of toilet paper at the top. If you move one of the rolls out of the way (you can chuck it across the room like we did), you'll find a note with the Magnetosphere safe code which is 9754

Deep Storage Safe Codes

In Deep Storage, there are two safes to crack. Fortunately, the same safe code works for both safes inside Deep Storage. To locate the Deep Storage safe code, head over to Danielle Sho's workstation in the Command Center. There, you'll find a note at the back of her workstation with the safe code to both Deep Storage safes written down. 

Cargo Bay Security Safe Code

There's another safe to unlock within Cargo Bay Security at Cargo Bay A. To locate the safe code, head over to Sarah Elazar and interact with her. While talking to Sarah, she'll give you the safe code for the Cargo Bay Security safe. 

Security Station Safe Code

Inside the Security Station is another safe. To locate the Security Station safe code, locate Erica Teague's body in the nearby vicinity. Once you have the safe code, head back and unlock the Security Station safe to access the contents inside. 

Captain's Loft Safe Code

As you're exploring the Talos I Bridge, you'll come across the Captain’s Loft. Inside, you'll find another safe. To locate the safe code for the Captain's Loft, move the book on top of the Captain's desk. There, you'll find a note with the safe code. Now, head back over to the Captain's Loft safe and use the safe code to access the contents inside.

Alex Yu's Safe Code

While playing Prey, there's an optional mission you can embark on titled, "Who Is December?" In this particular mission, you can snag the code to Alex Yu's safe. We got the code 8192, but it's important to note this may be a randomized code. If it doesn't work for you, all you need to do to get Alex Yu's safe code is complete the "Who Is December?" optional story mission. 

Dr. Igwe’s Cargo Container

Now, we know this doesn't exactly constitute a "safe" by definition, but we figured we'd tack this one on. You know, if you want to help Dr. Igwe out. So, if you're looking for the code to unlock Dr. Igwe's Cargo Container, all you need to do is enter the numbers 2312. 

Again, we’ll be updating this guide as we find more safes and safe codes in Prey, so be sure to check back in every now and then to see what’s new. Additionally, we have a full guide on all Prey door codes and keycodes

By reading through this guide, you should now know the location of all safes and safe codes in Prey.

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