How to Reach the Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 Ending

Learn how to break into your crazy neighbor's basement in Hello Neighbor alpha 4.

Hello Neighbor fans were shocked and over-the-moon excited to find out that another alpha was arriving before the big release scheduled for this summer. This new update is the 4th and potentially, final pre-launch look at Dynamic Pixels' unique and wildly popular stealth horror title.

We can't lie—when we saw the announcement for the alpha 4 hit our inbox, we were totally psyched! If you don't already know, we're pretty passionate about this game here on Indie Obscura so we couldn't miss another opportunity to help our readers with another mind boggling iteration of Hello Neighbor.

If you're new to this, make sure to check out our guide to breaking and entering so you can get familiar with the basics. Enjoy!

Turn on the Generator

Before you do anything, make sure you run to the left side of the house where you’ll find a closed fuse box. Open it and pull the lever to shut off the electricity. This will keep your neighbor from being able to use the elevator and any cameras while you're running around trying to get into his basement.

After you've done that, keep moving past the fuse box to the open window with a cable running out of it. There will be a generator in there. Push the big red button from outside the window. Not quite sure what this powers but it might come in handy.

Open The Elevator Doors

Run back to the front of your house and pick up the shoe lying in the pile of random objects. Head to the back of your neighbor’s house until you find a big wooden post with the white vent hanging off it. This is the elevator shaft. Position yourself so you can see the switch inside the vent and throw the shoe at the switch to trigger it. This will open the elevator doors that were previously shut inside your neighbor's house.

If you miss your first attempt, which you probably will, there are more shoes inside of the house. You'll find 4 of them as soon as you walk through the front door and look to the right. If you do go inside the house for shoes, grab the umbrella leaning against the wall because this will come into good use in a bit.

Climb The Elevator Shaft

Once you've opened the elevator doors, get past your neighbor and into his house. If you didn’t grab the umbrella we mentioned before, now is your chance. You might notice the basement door with the exit sign hanging over it but don't worry about that right now. Just know that you'll need a key card and a crowbar to open it. 

Run down the hall and straight towards the back of the house through the right side. Head directly into the elevator shaft and use the ladder on the left to start climbing until you see an opening. Jump into the opening. There should be a generator there. Press the button to turn it off.

Go down the steps and through the door on the ground. You’ll end up on the roof of the house. Bring out the umbrella and open it because if you fall from this height, you’ll have to start all over again.

Get The Magnet

Walk over to the right and up the slant of the roof until you can jump onto the tippity top. Turn to the left and aim yourself diagonally at the fenced off area located down below. If you're worried that you're heading in the wrong direction, you can watch out video guide below which shows what we're talking about. Slide towards the fenced off area with your umbrella open and you should have an easy time landing on it.

Use the mannequin to break the window and jump through it. There will be a hole in the ground of this room so go through that. You’ll end up in another room where you’ll find an opening stuffed with cabinets. Look there to get the magnet.

Grab The Crowbar

You’ll have to get back up to the room you were in before because this is where you'll find the crowbar. There's a number of ways to get back to the room but the quickest would be to use the door on the right which leads to a hallway. Once in the hallway, turn left and then open the first door you see on your left. You should be able to get outside through that door.

Repeat the process of climbing the elevator shaft and jumping down to the fenced area to reach the room again. Instead of going through the hole in the floor, continue walking forward and you should see an entrance to a room behind the dresser in front of you.

Use crouch to get into the room. Once inside, turn around and you’ll find the crowbar being used to run electricity through two cables. Pick up the basketball to the left and throw it at the crowbar so it can fall to the ground. If you try to pick it up with your hands, you’ll drop it because it’s too hot. Instead, use your magnet.

Grab The Keycard

You’ll have to carry the crowbar back outside using the magnet. This can be achieved the same way as before, dropping down into the room below and exiting through the door in the hallway. Make a run back to your house and drop the crowbar down safely.

Head back into your neighbor’s house. Go straight into the kitchen and open the freezer door. The key card should be sitting inside. Grab the keycard and use it on the basement door. Drop the key card to make room in your inventory.

Cool Down The Crowbar

Head back into the kitchen and to the right of the fridge should be a watering can. Pick up the watering can and turn on the faucet in the kitchen. Hold the watering can under the faucet for 5-10 seconds. Bring the watering can back to your house and by pressing the action button, pour the water all over the crowbar until it looks normal again.

Pick up the crowbar and head back into your neighbor’s house. Use the crowbar to pry the nails off the planks blocking the basement door. Once you’ve removed all of them, you can open the door.

The Alpha 4 Ending

If you've reached this point because you've successfully made it to the Hello Neighbor alpha 4 ending then you probably made an interesting discovery once you got behind that basement door. We won't go into detail about it in this article because there's a slight chance that we have some readers that are here out of curiosity and we don't want to spoil it for them.

For more on this game, tell your friends about how they can play the earlier versions of Hello Neighbor for free and watch the announcement trailer for the alpha 4.


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