Prey - All Door Codes and Keycodes

We’ll help you track down all of the keycodes needed to open the various doors and areas in Prey.

In Prey, codes (more specifically keycodes) are used to open various doors and enter specific areas. These can often be found in emails, on notes, and through TranScribe messages. However, this also requires a bit of legwork in tracking down the necessary item with the keycode on it.

To help give you a bit of a boost, we’ve put together a guide with every door code and keycode in Prey.

Security Booth

The Security Booth is a door that a lot of people are struggling to find the keycode for. At the moment, you can access it instantly by upgrading Morgan’s Hacking Level 1 and hacking the door.

Unfortunately, the computer workstation inside requires Hacking Level 2, so you won’t be able to access the information if you decide to hack the door and enter immediately.

Later in the game when you find Divya Naaz’s body, there’s a note with a code to the Security Booth door as well as the workstation inside, so you can always return once you’ve located Divya Naaz.

Morgan Yu’s Office

The code used to enter Morgan Yu’s office is told to you by January, and is 0451. This code is actually an Easter Egg, as it’s a numerical code used in several other games including Deus Ex and BioShock.

If you end up forgetting the code, you can also find it in an email on the workstation computer right outside the office door. To access the workstation, simply pick up the yellow post-it note found on the left corner of the workstation screen that contains the password, then scroll through the emails.

I.T. Department

The code needed to access the I.T. Department found up the left set of stairs in the Talos I Lobby is 0913. Once you enter the I.T. Department keycode, be prepared to fight off two Phantoms inside. Again, code is 0913 if you want to get inside, but know that two hefty Phantoms are waiting for you.

Holding Room

The code needed to access the Holding Room found in the Talos I Lobby is 1129.

Dr. Thorstein’s Office Door

To get inside Dr. Thorstein’s Office, you’ll need to find Thadeus York’s computer workstation. There, you’ll read an email titled “You’re in Charge,” which will then give you the required keycode to access Dr. Thorsteins office. Dr. Those I'd office keycode is 3595. We also have Dr. Thorstein’s safe code if you’re interested. 

Volunteer Quarters

To access the Volunteer Quarters, locate Bianca Goodwin’s computer workstation in the Executive Offices and read the email titled “Volunteer Attitude.” This will give you the keycode needed to access the Volunteer Quarters in Prey. If you're not interested in reading the email, the Volunteer Quarters keycode is 8415. Note that you'll need Bianca's email if you're looking to snag the Neuromod Fabrication Plan and the ability to create endless Neuromods.

Pilot’s Lounge

If you’re looking for the code to the Pilot’s Lounge, you’ll need to use Octavia Figgs’ TranScribe device that can be found within the Staff Lounge. Once you’ve grabbed the TranScribe device, use it to listen to the recording titled “This Isn’t a Drill.” In doing so, you’ll obtain the keycode needed to access the Pilot’s Lounge.

Hardware Labs: Machine Shop Supply Closet

For the code needed to enter the Machine Shop Supply Closet, head to the computer workstation found in Small Scale Testing. To locate the password needed to use the workstation, look around for a note that’s attached to a clipboard on the floor beside the workstation.

Once you’ve found the workstation password, use it to read an email titled “If You Need Supplies.” In doing so, you’ll obtain the keycode to the Machine Shop Supply Closet. The code is 1663.

Talos I Exterior: Machine Shop Supply Closet

In Prey, there’s actually a second Machine Shop Supply Closet found in the Talos I Exterior area. To grab the code needed to open the Machine Shop Supply Closet, you’ll need to locate Dr. Calvino’s TranScribe and use it to listen to a recording titled “First Thing Tomorrow.” In doing so, you’ll obtain the keycode that can be used to enter the second Machine Shop Supply Closet. If you're uninterested in the TranScribe, the code is 3891.

Psychotronics Armory

If you’re looking for the code to the Psychotronics Armory door, enter in the keycode 8714. This will allow you to enter the Psychotronics Armory and explore. Alternatively, you can grab the Psychotronics Armory keycode by saving Aaron Ingram’s life.

Maintenance Tunnel

To track down the keycode needed to enter the Maintenance Tunnel, look for the body of Kimberly Bomo. Beside her is a note with the code to the Maintenance Tunnel.

Fitness Center

If you’re having trouble finding the code to enter the Fitness Center in Prey, you can head to the Security Station located within the Crew Quarters and use the workstation there to read an email titled “New Gym Code.”

This email contains the keycode needed to access the Fitness Center. Alternatively, there’s a note found in the Cabins B Restroom that also contains the Fitness Center keycode.

Mail Room

To track down the keycode needed to enter the Mail Room in Prey, you’ll need to find Anders Khline’s habitation pod within the Crew Quarters. There, you’ll find a note inside the pod that contains the Mail Room keycode.


While exploring the Crew Quarters Kitchen, you’ll need to pay close attention as the cook unlocks the Freezer in order to snag the Freezer keycode.

Executive Suites

There are several ways to obtain the keycode needed to unlock the Executive Suites in Prey. First, you can locate Will Mitchell’s workstation and use it to read an email titled “Food Request.”

Alternatively, there’s a note located on a table in the Recycler Room with the Executive Suites keycode. Finally, you can use Emma Beatty’s workstation in the Fitness Center to read the email titled “Personal Training Session” to gain the keycode to the Executive Suites.

Deep Storage: Stairwell

To find the keycode needed to open the Stairwell in Deep Storage, locate Zachary West’s workstation inside Corporate Information Technology. Nearby you’ll find a note that contains the Stairwell keycode, as well as Ivy Song’s password.

Power Plant: Reactor Room

To unlock the Reactor Room in the Talos I Power Plant, enter the keycode 3845.

Power Plant: Parts Storage

The code needed to enter Parts Storage in Prey’s Power Plant can be obtained via Duncan Krassikoff’s TranScribe. Use this to listen to a recording titled “Keycode Change: Parts Storage.”

Life Support: Storage Room

To enter the Storage Room in the Life Support area, head into the Oxygen Flow Control room. There, you’ll find a note with the keycode written on it.

Looking for more Prey codes? Be sure to head over to our guide with all safes and safe codes in Prey.

By reading this guide, you should now know all door codes and keycodes in Prey.

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