How to Add Friends in Battle Bay

Start a killer team in Battle Bay by learning how to add your friends.

When it comes to mobile multiplayer games, Battle Bay is quickly destroying the competition. With it’s addictive online battles, customizable and upgradable ships, and challenging opponents, working your way up the ranks may not be a breeze, but is sure to be loads of fun. With that being said, there’s one issue that Battle Bay players seem to keep encountering and it’s figuring out how to add their friends.

Recently, there were issues with certain features that the developers were working on that include chat, adding friends, and joining a guild. If you're experiencing difficulties with any of these, you can find the most updated information on

Once this issue is fixed, you can use the step by step process below to add your friends on Battle Bay.

How To Add Friends

Use the main hub in Battle Bay to add your friends.

There are a few ways you can go about adding a friend in Battle Bay. The first method is by having your friend type something in the chat, and once you see their name pop up, tap on their name and then tap on “Add Friend”.

Another way you can do this is by spotting their boat as they float in the main hub. Using the same process as above, just tap on their name and then again on “Add Friend”.

Lastly, you can use the leaderboard to achieve the same result, as well. Again, just tap on their name and then on “Add Friend”.

Once you’ve used one of these methods, you can check to see if it worked by checking your Friends List. If the sphere next to their name is red, it means they’re offline. If it’s green, then they’re online. You can also tap on their name to initiate a chat. If you’d like to unfriend them, then just tap on their name and then tap on “Remove Friend”. 

Watch our video below if you're still unsure about how to add your friends in Battle Bay.

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