How to Join a Guild on Battle Bay

Join a guild and enhance your social experience on Battle Bay.

One of the best perks of playing Battle Bay is the ability to join in a guild with your friends. If you’re sailing the treacherous seas with the same players frequently or find yourself looking for people to play with on a consistent basis, then this feature is the one for you.

Battle Bay is an online multiplayer that places two groups of 5 ships into an aquatic team deathmatch. This game is team oriented, so if you’re playing competitively it helps to have reliable players on your side that know how to play their role.

Currently, the Battle Bay Guilds feature is undergoing maintenance so you may not be able to access this feature at the moment. There’s no indication when it’ll be restored, but the developers have said they are working hard to get it back up as soon as possible. When that happens, you can use the directions below if you’re still unclear on how to use it.

Creating a Guild

If you’re wondering how to create or join a guild on Battle Bay there are a few things you can do. If you already have friends who are interested in jumping into a guild with you, then all you have to do is create one. You can achieve this by tapping on the Guilds icon in the hub and then on Create a Guild.

Taking this route will make you the Guild Leader (GL) and allows you invite, accept, deny, and promote other players in the guild. If you don’t want this responsibility, you can promote someone else to GL. As for how many GLs you can have, there can only be one!

As Guild Leader in Battle Bay, you can promote other players to Guild Officers (GO). Just tap on a player’s name and tap on Promote to Officer. This allows the selected person to accept, deny, and kick other players from the guild. The only restriction is that their actions cannot be applied to the GL. There’s also an option to demote Guild Officers which is done the same way that you promote them.

Joining a Guild

If you know someone who’s already formed a guild in Battle Bay and you wish to learn how to join, then tap on the Guilds icon, search for the name of that guild, and tap on Join. You may have to wait until the Guild Leader accepts you to begin participating.

If you’re looking for guilds to join, head on over to and check out the guild recruitment thread. There are plenty of players from all over the world that are looking to recruit new people. Don’t be shy! Guilds are a great place to make friends, socialize, and put together an awesome team.

For more on Battle Bay, check out our guides on how to add friends and learn all about choosing the best weapon for your ship.

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