How to Get Schematics in The Surge

Find out how you can get the Schematics needed to complete your Exo-Rig in The Surge.

While playing The Surge, you get an Exo-Rig that’s not complete but can slowly be finished as you get new Schematics. If you’re wondering how you can go about getting Schematics in The Surge, we have a few helpful tips, including how to craft and equip Schematic.

How to Get Schematics in The Surge

You can get specific Schematics in The Surge by targeting the weak points of enemies.

In The Surge, getting Schematics varies depending on how you handle fights with the various different enemies you encounter. If you want to earn more Schematics, you’ll need to become comfortable targeting an enemy’s weak points. This is a skill you’re taught early in the game, and is a core component of farming materials for crafting.

We’ll tackle the process of farming and crafting materials in another guide. For now, let’s talk about how you can get Schematics in The Surge. First, if you’re looking to obtain a specific Schematic for say the Rhino Exo-Rig Helmet, you’ll need to locate and defeat enemies with armored heads as this indicates they have the helmet equipped.

Then, by targeting their head by scrolling with your mouse wheel (or controller input), attack with horizontal and vertical strikes until the Finisher icon appears. A Finisher move is “E” by default when playing The Surge on PC. If you’ve damaged a specific part of your enemy enough, when you perform the Finisher and cut it off, the item should appear as a pickup after the enemy’s body is finished burning away.

If you fail to grab this pickup right away, keep performing the same maneuvers on different enemies with the same armored part. Once you’ve obtained the Schematics, the next step is crafting and equipping the specific item.

Crafting and Equipping Schematics in The Surge

After you get your Schematics, you'll need to head to a Gear Station to craft and equip the item.

Once you’ve obtained a particular Schematic, you’ll need to head back to the Gear Station found in an OPS Center to activate the Schematic and begin constructing the associated piece of armor. Each Schematic will require various crafting materials, so if you’re missing something, chances are you’ll need to head out and farm crafting materials.

If you have all of the necessary requirements, you can build the piece, then equip it by heading to your inventory and finding the slot you wish to equip the piece to. After clicking on this slot, you should see a list of all your available gear pieces that are compatible with that slot. Next, choose the gear you wish to equip, then close your inventory and hop back into wherever you left off in The Surge.

By reading this guide, you should know how to get Schematics, craft them, and equip them in The Surge.

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