The 5 Best Stardew Valley Mods

5 must-have mods that are sure to give you the best Stardew Valley experience.

The Stardew Valley community has been hard at work curating the best mods for players who can’t seem to put down Chucklefish’s incredible game. You’re sure to find anything from new characters and useful interface features to outdoor and indoor appearance replacements. You’ll not only improve your experience by fine tuning it in a way that makes it more fun for you but you’ll support a passionate community of fellow Stardew Valley players.

If this is your first time trying out Stardew Valley mods, we recommend checking out our article on how to install and remove mods. We also suggest bookmarking the top Stardew Valley mods on since this is a reputable website where modders can get the recognition they deserve.

Now let’s move on to the mods!

CJB Item Spawner

If you’re looking for an easy way to generate specific items during your Stardew Valley game then CJB Item Spawner is the best mod for the job. It allows you to spawn tools and weapons, seeds and crops, fish and bait, forage and fruits, artifacts and minerals…Basically anything you can think of.

All you have to do once you’ve installed this mod is press the i key and navigate through the spawn menu to find the item you’re looking for. You can also change the quality by pressing the shift key and scrolling through the different options available. This mod is perfect for the creative Stardew Valley player who wants to experience all the great things this game has to offer.

CJB Cheats Menu

We can’t avoid the fact that there are players who will find and exploit cheats in games. Because of this, it’s no surprise that there’s a popular mod that makes it all super easy. The CJB Cheats Menu is the best Stardew Valley mod for using cheats such as infinite stamina and health, one hit kills, warping to any location, weather control, increasing skill level, time freezing, and more.

All it takes to access the cheat menu once it’s installed is pressing the p key on your keyboard. From there you can explore various tabs that include player abilities and tools, farm and fishing, mining skills, weather, relationships, warp locations, time and controls. This mod will take the grind out of the game and make any Stardew Valley player’s experience a much more relaxed one.

NPC Map Locations

NPC Map Locations is the best Stardew Valley mod for keeping track of your favorite NPCs whereabouts. We all know how difficult it can be to track down a villager you’re romancing or traveling merchant with a particular item that you’re looking for. With NPC Map Locations, you have the ability to see all that and more.

Configure the settings to reveal the location of villagers with a daily quest, birthday on that day, a certain heart level, and even custom installed NPCs. You can even turn off villagers you’ve already spoken to if you’re not that great of keeping track. This mod is a must-have for the goal oriented Stardew Valley player.

Stardew Valley Save Editor

If you’ve ever regretted a choice that you’ve made in Stardew Valley and wish you could change it without starting from the very beginning, then you’re going to love to this mod. Stardew Valley Save Editor is the best mod for editing particular options in your save file. This includes moving or deleting objects on your map, adding or changing items in your inventory, editing the appearance of your character, and so much more.

This isn’t so much a mod that is active throughout your gameplay but a tool that reads the XML in your save file and adjusts features such as character stats, inventory, cooking and crafting recipes, the farm and your animals. You can also use it to backup your save so if you’re not happy with the changes you made, you can easily revert back.

Lookup Anything

There’s a lot of unknowns in Stardew Valley and many would argue that this keeps things exciting! But for those of you who are into being organized and prepared then we’ve found the best Stardew Valley mod for you. It’s called Lookup Anything and it allows you to hover over just about anything in the game and see information on it.

If you’re wondering when a particular crop is ready for harvesting, all you have to do with Lookup Anything is hover on the crop and press the F1 key. This will reveal a ton of information about the crop including when it’ll be ready. This works for just about anything in the game such as characters, items, and farm animals. This mod is absolutely necessary for curious players who want to know everything there is to know about their favorite game.

Honorable Stardew Valley Mod Mentions

The Gift Taste Helper mod
The Gift Taste Helper mod

CJB Show Item Sell Price

Hover over any of the items in your inventory and see the sell price.

Gift Taste Helper

Find your NPCs birthday on the calendar and see which gifts they’ll love.

Get Dressed

Places a dresser with a mirror in the farmhouse where you can customize your character’s appearance.

If you know of any other amazing Stardew Valley mods that you don't see on our list, make sure to tell us and other players in the comments below! For more guides on this game, find out where you can find a prismatic shard and leave your annoying spouse by learnig how to get a divorce.

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