How To Improve Your SUP Multiplayer Racing Skills

Leave the competition in the dust with these helpful tips and tricks.

SUP Multiplayer Racing, an aptly titled new mobile racing title that’s available now for both iOS and Android devices, is a game where improving your skills is important. While it may be more of a casual racing game, SUP Multiplayer Racing still requires a solid degree of strategy if you want to be the first one across the finish line.

To make things easier, we’ve put together a list of three tips and tricks that will help you improve your SUP Multiplayer Racing skills.

Upgrade Your SUP Multiplayer Racing Car

Remember to buy upgrades for your car in SUP Multiplayer Racing.

Once you’ve finished the opening tutorial and beaten a few races in SUP Multiplayer Racing, you should be sitting on a nice pile of coins. Make sure you use those coins to buy upgrades for your car, as doing so will help to give you an edge, especially once you start moving up the leaderboards.

There are a wide variety of upgrades available for purchase such as Speed, Brakes, and Turbo, so make sure you’re buying upgrades that help to counterbalance any weaknesses in your driving style or your car’s stats.

On a side note, augmenting your car’s strengths isn’t a bad idea either. Just keep in mind that some upgrades take a while to complete, so be prepared to wait a little while for your ride to be road-ready (unless you have Diamonds to spare or you don’t mind watching an ad).

Be Aggressive in SUP Multiplayer Racing

To win races in SUP Multiplayer Racing, you'll need to know when to play aggressively.

Having an upgraded car definitely helps, but if you want to really get good at winning races consistently in SUP Multiplayer Racing, you’ll have to be willing to show your aggressive side.

Edging opponents off the road, cutting them off as they take sharp turns, and utilizing both boosts and jumps to surprise racers that are ahead of you are all viable strategies. And, in the cutthroat world of SUP Multiplayer Racing, they’re kind of expected.

Manage Your Speed in SUP Multiplayer Racing

Know how to manage your speed in SUP Multiplayer Racing.

Do you remember that scene in the first Fast & Furious movie where a young upstart racer used up all his NOS in the first few minutes of the race, resulting in the bad guy overtaking him in the final stretch? Yeah, don’t be that upstart racer.

Try to use your car’s Turbo sparingly in SUP Multiplayer Racing, as it takes a little while to refill once it’s empty. Additionally, keep a sharp eye out for booster plates on the track and use them whenever you can. Doing so not only gives you a free burst of speed, it also lets you preserve your Turbo meter.

Hopefully these three tips will give you a bit of an edge in the long run, but honestly the best advice we can give you for getting good at SUP Multiplayer Racing is to keep practicing.

Eventually, you’ll get a feel for the different tracks and cars, something which should definitely help you manage the highly unpredictable nature of the opponents you’ll be facing.

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to improve your skills in SUP Multiplayer Racing.



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