How To Unlock New Balls In Bouncy Hoops

Learn how to earn coins and unlock new ball designs in Bouncy Hoops.

Bouncy Hoops is a fun new mobile title that, much like the infamous Flappy Bird, is simple in its design and yet offers a deceptively complex gameplay hook which tasks players with tapping on their device’s screen to guide a basketball into a hoop.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Bouncy Hoops, your long-term goal should be unlocking some of the 20+ different ball designs the game offers, since doing so is also how you unlock new courts to play on (you unlock a new court for every five or so ball designs you earn).

Below, we’ve put together a guide on the best way to unlock new balls in Bouncy Hoops.

Buy New Balls

You can unlock new balls in Bouncy Hoops through in-app purchases, or by spending coins.

The quickest and easiest way to unlock new balls in Bouncy Hoops is to simply buy them using in-app $0.99 purchases. However, if you’d rather avoiding buying new balls and courts, you’re going to have to earn some coins.

Whenever you’re playing a match in either the Arcade or Timed modes, keep an eye out for coins. You can grab coins by hitting them with your ball. Additionally, try to complete goals whenever they show up, as doing so can award bonus coins.

You’ll be able to check how many coins you need to buy a new ball whenever a match ends. To get the most bang for your buck, we recommend doing mostly Timed matches since they only take about a minute in total and, if you can land a decent number of combo shots, can yield about 10-20 coins per match.

Open Boxes

To unlock new balls in Bouncy Hops, you'll need to open boxes using coins.

Once you’ve amassed enough coins to purchase a new ball design in Bouncy Hoops, an option to do so should pop up in the main menu. Click on the option and you’ll be taken to an interface where you spend your coins to open a box that awards you with a random new ball design.

Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be a way for you to purchase specific ball designs using coins as of right now, so if there’s a particular ball you’re gunning for, you may have to do a bit of coin farming depending on how good your luck is.

Remember to switch up the modes and (if you have them unlocked) courts you play in every now and then to keep things feeling fresh as you work towards earning more coins and unlocking new balls in Bouncy Hoops.

If you haven’t yet tried out Bouncy Hoops yet, you can download the game for free from the iTunes app store.

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to unlock new balls in Bouncy Hoops.


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