Vampyr - New Trailer and Release Date Revealed

Find out when you can sink your teeth into Dontnod Entertainment’s upcoming horror game, Vampyr.

The opening months of 2017 have had little in the way of news regarding Dontnod Entertainment’s upcoming horror game Vampyr aside from a brief trailer entitled “The Darkness Within.” With a week left to go until E3, Dontnod Entertainment and publisher Focus Home Interactive have finally unveiled a brand new trailer for Vampyr which bumps the game’s rating from PEGI 16 to PEGI 18.

Along with the trailer and rating change, Dontnod announced a project release date for Vampyr. Scheduled to launch this coming November on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Vampyr is a game that blends choice-driven narrative with a creepy, gothic atmosphere. The game is set in 1918 London, and follows protagonist Dr. Jonathan Reid, a famed surgeon who hides a dark secret.

As Dr. Reid, you’ll search for a cure to aid London’s flu-ravaged citizens, all while having to drink blood in order to survive. To make matters even more complex, every person you feast on will subtly alter the course of the game. While you’re able to differentiate between “bad” and “good” victims, this acts as little comfort. Similar to Dontnod’s critically acclaimed entry, Life is Strange, you won’t know the full butterfly effect until it’s too late.

For more on Vampyr, be sure to check out the game’s official website, and recap our coverage of The Darkness Within trailer as well as the first 15 minutes of gameplay.

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