PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Gets Xbox One 4K Release

You'll be able to play your favorite first-person shooter on the Xbox One later this year.

During the Microsoft press conference at E3 2017, it was announced that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will officially launch on the Xbox One sometime later this year.

During the press conference, Brendan Greene (PlayerUnknown) took to the stage during to announce the highly anticipated console release of Battlegrounds. The latest Battlegrounds news coincided with Microsoft’s presentation of the Xbox One X (Project Scorpio), which boasts 4K resolution capabilities.

As you’d expect, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is set to receive enhancements, giving it the ability to fully utilize the 4K features on the Xbox One X. The precise release date, and information as to whether or not Greene plans to port Battlegrounds over to the PlayStation 4, remains a mystery.

As of right now, it appears Battlegrounds will release as a timed Xbox exclusive, with a follow-up release on PS4 set for early 2018. This is nothing more than pure speculation though, and Battlegrounds could wind up being an Xbox and PC exclusive (to the dismay of Sony fans). At this point, all we can do is wait for additional details.

If you’re unfamiliar with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it’s a battle royale first-person shooter that’s currently available on Steam. In the game, up to 100 players are pit against one another in a “survival of the fittest” scenario. As you explore the map, you’ll come across weapons and other tools that will help you fend off enemies.

However, as the game progresses, the available play area within the map begins to restrict. This pushes the surviving players closer and closer together until a final shootout commences. In the end, only 1 player can walk away the victor. With so much high praise given to Battlegrounds thus far, it will be interesting to see how the game shapes up for the Xbox One X.

To catch a glimpse of how Battlegrounds will run at 4K, be sure to check out the new trailer down below!

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