How to Unlock the Diamond Miner in Magikarp Jump

Find out how you can earn 100 Diamonds a day using the Diamond Miner in Magikarp Jump.

Recently, a large number of players have found themselves searching for a way to unlock the Diamond Miner in Magikarp Jump. What is the Diamond Miner and why is it so sought after? Well, the Diamond Miner is a tool used to earn additional Diamonds without ever having to lift a finger in Magikarp Jump.

While this is an extremely useful item to have, getting your hands on the Diamond Miner in Magikarp Jump can be pretty tricky. To help, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to unlock the Diamond Miner in Magikarp Jump!

How to Unlock the Diamond Miner

The Diamond Miner in Magikarp Jump.

In Magikarp Jump, the Diamond Miner can be unlocked by earning 2,500 Exchange Tickets and activating five different reward levels. While the Diamond Miner isn’t the only way to earn Diamonds in Magikarp Jump, it's a great way to earn yourself 100 Diamonds a day at the press of a button.

With an item boasting such an impressive perk in Magikarp Jump, it makes sense that it’d be rather complicated to unlock. To get started, the first thing you'll need to do in order to unlock the Diamond Miner in Magikarp Jump is activate five reward levels using Exchange Tickets.

In Magikarp Jump, Exchange Tickets are a form of premium currency that can only be earned by purchasing Diamonds from the Exchange Office. By purchasing Diamonds in Magikarp Jump’s Exchange Office, you also earn the same amount of Exchange Tickets. These Exchange Tickets can then be used to unlock various reward levels.

Each reward level in Magikarp Jump costs 500 Exchange Tickets to activate. This means that you’ll need to purchase 2,500 Diamonds in order to simultaneously earn the 2,500 Exchange Tickets needed to activate all five reward levels in Magikarp Jump. This isn’t cheap, as 2,500 Diamonds will cost an estimated $45-50 USD. However, if you were already planning to stock up on Diamonds in Magikarp Jump, you'll earn a nice bonus for your efforts.

2,500 Exchange Tickets are needed to unlock the Diamond Miner.

To purchase the necessary Diamonds and Exchange Tickets, head to the Exchange Office in Magikarp Jump. There, you’ll need to purchase the 2,100 Diamond option followed by the 550 Diamond option. This will give you enough Exchange Tickets (2,500) to activate all five reward levels.

After you’ve activated each of the five reward levels needed to unlock the Diamond Miner, you can then begin to use it to earn Diamonds. To use the Diamond Miner, locate the Diamond Miner icon in Magikarp Jump's Menu Options (to the right of the Settings icon). Once you've located the Diamond Miner, you’ll be able to tap on the icon once per day and earn 100 Diamonds in Magikarp Jump!

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to unlock the Diamond Miner in Magikarp Jump.

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