How to Auto Fish in Black Desert Online

Sit back, relax, and learn how to auto fish in BDO with this guide.

If you’re new to the game or simply returning after a long excursion away, you may find yourself wondering how to auto fish in Black Desert Online. Auto fishing is a great way to earn EXP and income by selling fish to a Trade Manager. If you’ve found yourself having trouble auto fishing, or are simply looking for a good place to get started, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to auto fish in Black Desert Online.

How to Auto Fish in BDO

Learning how to Auto Fish in BDO isn't exactly challenging, but you will need to complete a few different steps

Step 1: How to Get a Fishing Rod in Black Desert Online

How to auto fish in Black Desert Online
To buy a Fishing Rod in Black Desert Online, you'll need to locate a Fishing Vendor. © Pearl Abyss

The first step towards auto fishing success in Black Desert Online is getting yourself a Fishing Rod. Each and every region in Black Desert Online has a Fishing Vendor NPC. On your map, they’re marked with a fish icon, which makes them easy to track down.

To purchase a Fishing Rod in Black Desert Online, you’ll need to have 500 Silver available. Once you have enough Silver, locate your nearest Fishing Vendor (such as Crio in Velia).

When inspecting the Fishing Rods, you’ll note they have the same durability component as other equipment in Black Desert Online. While you auto fish, your Fishing Rod’s durability will decrease until you’re forced to purchase another one.

Because of this, it’s ideal to purchase a few Fishing Rods, rather than having to disrupt your auto fishing and return to a Fishing Vendor each and every time your Fishing Rod breaks.

Step 2: Locate a Good Fishing Spot in Black Desert Online

How to Auto Fish in BDO
In Black Desert Online, the best fishing spots are ones where with plentiful resources. © Pearl Abyss

Next, you’ll need to track down a good fishing spot in Black Desert Online in order to test out your new Fishing Rod.

There are several great fishing spots to choose from in Black Desert Online, as each area includes a “Fishing Resource” stat based on how many people are fishing in that particular area.

When looking for a good fishing spot, it’s important to remember that areas with a high amount of fishing will have exhausted resources, making it harder to auto fish.

Step 3: How to Auto Fish in Black Desert Online

To auto fish in Back Desert Online, equip your Fishing Rod, then press spacebar. © Pearl Abyss

With your perfect fishing spot locked down, your next step is to set yourself up for auto fishing in Black Desert Online. Before you start fishing, though, you’ll need to clear out your inventory as much as possible.

When you run out of inventory space, you’ll stop auto fishing. Should your Fishing Rod break, you’ll stop auto fishing. To yield the most fish, your inventory will need to be relatively empty.

To empty your inventory, head to a Warehouse NPC or Storage Chest and clear as many items out as you can. That way, you can gather a large amount of fish, and hold spare Fishing Rods to swap through as their durability wanes.

Now, you’ll need to equip your Fishing Rod. To do so, right-click on the Fishing Rod and it will automatically equip to your weapon slot. To begin fishing, press spacebar, then check the box at the top of the screen to prompt your character to toss useless items while auto fishing.

After that, you can sit back, relax, and let your character auto fish. Remember to check in on their progress every so often, as you’ll want to sell your fish once your inventory is full.

Step 4: How to Sell Your Fish in Black Desert Online

How to get Fishing Rod  Auto Fish in BDO
When your inventory is full, you'll need to visit a Trade Manager and sell your fish in Black Desert Online. © Pearl Abyss © Pearl Abyss

Finally, when you return to your character and note their inventory is pretty much full, you’ll need to visit a Trade Manager to sell your fish. On your map, Trade Managers are marked by wheel icons, making them easy to track down.

Once you’ve located a nearby Trade Manager, talk to them and proceed to sell your fish. If you’re unsatisfied, you can always return to your fishing spot and continue to auto fish. In doing so, you’ll quickly rack up Silver and EXP in Black Desert Online.

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to auto fish in Black Desert Online.

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