Hitman – How To Complete The Spaggiari Subversion Escalation Contract

Master one of the latest Escalation Contracts in Hitman.

As part of its June, 2017 content schedule, Hitman has received two new Escalation Contracts, one of which is called The Spaggiari Subversion, a contract which is set in the Landslide bonus scenario of the Sapienza mission.

In this guide, we’ll help you successfully complete all five levels of The Spaggiari Subversion by showing you optimal loadouts and level navigation strategies. Even better, the strategies below will also ensure a Silent Assassin rating for each stage.

Level 1

In level 1, you'll want to equip the default ICA19 pistol Fiber Wire, and Remote Explosive Duck.

For level 1 of The Spaggiari Subversion, you can stick with the default ICA19 pistol and Fiber Wire gadget. For your second gadget, you’ll want to equip the Remote Explosive Duck. Additionally, make sure you set the Promenade as your starting location.

Here, you only need to eliminate a single target in the first stage, and he’s actually standing pretty close by to where you start. As soon as the level loads, turn around and run up the nearby staircase. There, you’ll spot your target standing next to a car.

Drop your Remote Explosive Duck near the car, move away a bit, detonate the duck, and head for the nearest exit to complete the first stage.

Level 2

In level 2, be sure to bring both the Remote Explosive Duck and the ICA Remote Explosive.

In level 2 of The Spaggiari Subversion, you’ll want to bring both the Remote Explosive Duck and the ICA Remote Explosive. There are two targets to kill this time around, but fortunately the second target is standing mere feet from the first target.

Simply repeat what you did with the first target (i.e. drop the Remote Explosive Duck near the car he’s standing next to), run over to the dark red van the second target is standing near, and detonate the duck.

Next, drop the ICA Remote Explosive behind the van, run away a bit, then detonate it to eliminate the second target. Finally, move to the nearby exit to complete the second stage.

Level 3

It's recommended that you equip the Krugermeier 2-2 pistol during level 3 of The Spaggiari Subversion.

In level 3 of The Spaggiari Subversion, keep the same explosive gadgets from level 2, and if you have the Krugermeier 2-2 pistol unlocked, equip that as well. When the level loads up run over to the stone wall that’s across the way from the back of the red van (there should be a white car in front of the wall), take out your pistol, and shoot the red van’s back bumper.

This should cause a “Crime Noticed” alert to come up. Immediately turn around and hop over the stone wall, run down the nearby staircase, and enter the sewers. Head through the sewer passageway and take the first right to reach a larger room with a crowbar leaning against a stone coffin.

Open the doorway in front of you as you enter the coffin room. There, you’ll spot a man sweeping the floor. Quickly shoot the man in the leg (this is why having the Krugermeier is important as it guarantees other people won’t hear your shot), then move in and punch him while he’s lying on the ground to knock him out.

Use the crowbar to enter the room behind the now unconscious man and pick up the priest disguise that’s on the floor in front of the large cabinet. Head back into the coffin room and as soon as you enter, turn to your right and you should find a door that will take you back outside.

Turn to the left, head up the stairs, and you should find yourself back at the area where you started the stage. You know what to do by now, move over to the two targets (they should have returned to their usual spots right now after your initial gunshot) and eliminate them with the explosives. You’ll fulfill the contract’s level 3 requirements since you’re dressed like a priest. After that, proceed to the exit to complete the third stage.

Level 4

Keep the same equipment as level 3 when proceeding forward through The Spaggiari Subversion in Hitman.

For level 4 of The Spaggiari Subversion, you can keep the same equipment as level 3 (again, equip the Krugermeier if you have it). In this stage, there’s a third target that must be both eliminated and then fed through a shredder. Start by repeating the exact same strategy as level 3 so that you can acquire the priest disguise in the sewer.

Side note, you may also want to grab one of the coins that are in the same stone coffin the crowbar is leaning against. The room with the priest disguise also has a security computer on a table in the far right corner which you’ll want to shoot.

Instead of heading back into the coffin room and outside, you’ll want to turn to the right as you exit the priest disguise room and head up the stairs to enter the church where your third target is. You’ll get spotted by a camera as you go up the stairs, but since you shot the security computer, it won’t matter.

At the top of the stairs, proceed through the door and you’ll spot another door to your left. Go through it to head outside and proceed to kill the first two targets as before using the explosives. Once both targets are dead, go back inside the church, but use the far back entrance (the one that requires going up a short staircase) so that you don’t get spotted by roaming enforcers.

Use Instinct to spot your third target in a nearby room and use your pistol to shoot him in the head (again, the Krugermeier can be a godsend here due to the patrolling guards). When he’s dead, you have to drag his body outside to the shredder, but before you do so, head outside and locate the nearby gardener.

Distract him with a toss of the coin you collected earlier and knock him out with the crowbar as he’s distracted. There’s a second gardener down in the lower courtyard near the shredder you need to use and, as before, you can just use the crowbar to knock him out when his back is turned. Drag the third target’s body down to the shredder, shred it up, and then exit the level to complete the fourth stage.

Level 5

It all comes to a satisfying conclusion during the fifth level of The Sapggiari Subversion in Hitman. 

For the fifth and final level of this Escalation Contract, you’ll need to switch out your two explosives for the Lockpick and Modern Emetic Syringe gadgets (keep the Krugermeier as well if you have it). Level 5 requires eliminating all three targets with the Old Axe weapon while disguised as Salvatore Bravuomo.

When the level starts, pick up the coins on the ground near where you spawn and then head up the stairs to the area where the first two targets are. However, you’re going to ignore the two targets for now and instead run over to the nearby bathroom that’s being guarded by a suited enforcer.

Pick up the sewer key on the table behind the enforcer, move out of the enforcer’s sightline, and throw a coin to cause him to come investigate. Quickly move behind the nearby vending machine and when the enforcer moves in to look for the coin, subdue him from behind. Pick up both the coin and the enforcer’s gun before dragging him into a nearby bathroom stall and dumping his body into the large laundry hamper.

Move back out into the bathroom area and throw another coin to cause the target standing near the red van to come investigate. When the target’s back is turned, stab him with the Emetic Syringe to cause him to move into one of the bathroom stalls so he can start puking. Next, head up the nearby series of staircases as if you were moving towards the level’s exit, but keep heading up and up so that you reach the café that’s across from the level’s main mansion.

Salvatore Bravuomo is located in the bathroom at the bottom of the café. Once you reach a red van with a man standing in front of it, turn to your right and you should see a climbable pipe on the wall in the corner. Climb the pipe and keep climbing past the first ledge up to the second ledge you can get onto (the second ledge should extend to your right).

Get on the ledge and move over to the window, enter into the bathroom, and move into the office to spot a locked set of double doors on the opposite end of the room. Use your Lockpick to bypass the lock and head to the far right corner of the large room to spot the Bravuomo suit disguise sort of floating off the floor a bit (clearly a glitch).

Put the disguise on, head out the office’s far door, and go up the circular staircase to the first door you can enter to find the security room. Take out the guard in the room by shooting him in the leg and then punching him when he’s on the ground, then shoot the security computer to destroy the evidence.

When the evidence is destroyed, head back down to the office and exit the same way you entered: through the window and down the pipe. Head up the stairs facing the front of the red van, across the area with the outdoor café tables, and then down the far stairs so that you’re standing in front of the mansion. Turn to your left and you should spot one of your targets walking towards a distant pink car.

Follow him, and after you go under the large archway, look to your right to spot the Old Axe embedded in a nearby tree. Pick up the axe, wait until the target is approaching the pink beatle, and throw the axe at his head to eliminate him. Once he’s dead, drag his body over to the ridge and dump it over to avoid anyone finding it. Make sure not to take the axe with you since you’ll be spotted if you do.

Now, it’s time to head into the sewers. Head all the way back down to the bathroom area where you initially knocked out the enforcer and poisoned the first target, and use the key you grabbed earlier to unlock the far door and proceed into the sewers. When you reach the sewer passageway, you’ll see two plumbers having a conversation, one dressed in green, the other red.

Throw a coin into the far passage opposite the plumber in green to interrupt their conversation and then duck behind the nearby stone wall. The red plumber will walk over to your position to investigate. Subdue him with a corner attack, move over to where he was standing before, and grab a second Old Axe on the ground before the green plumber can spot you.

Exit the way you came in. In the bathroom area, overflow the sink closest to the sewer door and then drop the axe so that when the target comes to investigate the sink, you can pick it up and slash his neck with it while his back is turned. Hide his body in the same laundry hamper as the enforcer from the beginning of the level, pick up his gun, and then head back into the sewers with the axe.

Use a coin to distract the green plumber and use the old “shoot him in the leg and knock him out on the ground” strategy to take poor Luigi out of the equation. Head through the sewer passageways to reach the large coffin room from before, grab the coins in the stone coffin, and use the leg shooting strategy yet again on the sweeping church employee in front of the priest disguise room.

Head up the stairs into the church and you should spot the third target nearby using Instinct. Throw a coin to distract him and then sneak up behind him and take him out with the axe. Sadly you’ll have to once again drag the third target’s body down to the shredder. Just make sure the two gardeners don’t spot you and you should be golden (it’s highly recommended you subdue the gardener in the lower courtyard just to be safe).

Once the third target’s body is shredded, head to the exit and you’re done. Thanks to YouTuber MrFreeze for his video walkthrough of The Spaggiari Subversion Escalation Contract. If you’d like to watch MrFreeze’s video walkthrough for reference, you can do so below.

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to complete The Spaggiari Subversion Escalation Contract in Hitman.


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