Killing Floor 2 Gets New Headshot-Focused Weekly Challenge

The new Cranium Cracker challenge mode tasks players with killing enemy Zeds using only headshots.

Developer Tripwire Interactive recently announced last they’re bringing the iconic seasonal Summer Sideshow event from the original Killing Floor to Killing Floor 2. Now, they’ve made good on that promise by activating the first in a series of weekly community challenges for the sequel.

In the aptly titled “Cranium Cracker” challenge mode, all enemy Zeds can only be killed with headshots, which means single-shot weapons and perk classes that focus on accuracy will likely be in high demand. If a player successfully completes the Cranium Cracker challenge, they will be awarded the exclusive “Headshot Weekly” skin for the SPX 464 Centerfire Rifle.

To find the Cranium Cracker mode in matchmaking, simply select the standard “Survival” mode and scroll over until you find the special weekly modifier. Cranium Cracker is the first of eight weekly challenges that will be featured as part of the Summer Sideshow event, an event which will run until August. You can watch a video teaser for Cranium Cracker below.

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