Paladins - Champion Tier List

A look at some of the best and worst Champions available in Paladins.

If you’ve been playing the Hi-Rez game, Paladins, you may find yourself looking for a reliable tier list of best and worst Champions. Not only can a tier list help you isolate which Champions to try out first, it can also give you a better idea as to what you can expect when in a public match with other players.

While most Champions in Paladins are pretty approachable, there are some that are definitely harder to play than others. We’ve taken that, and each Champion’s overall effectiveness, into account while creating our tier list and have rated each Champion from best (S-Class) to worst (C-Class).

To find out where each Champion in Paladins ranks from best to worst in the current meta (OB52), be sure to check out our comprehensive tier list below!

Paladins - Champion Tier List

Below, you'll find the full tier list of Paladins Champions ranked from best to worst.


  • Drogoz (Damage)
  • Makoa (Front Line)
  • Seris (Support)
  • Bomb King (Damage)
  • Androxus (Flank)


  • Lex (Flank)
  • Inara (Front Line)
  • Willo (Damage)
  • Maeve (Flank)
  • Tyra (Damage)
  • Sha Lin (Damage)
  • Ying (Support)
  • Mal’damba (Support)


  • Zhin (Flank)
  • Pip (Support)
  • Viktor (Damage)
  • Cassie (Damage)
  • Ash (Front Line)
  • Evie (Flank)
  • Kinessa (Damage)
  • Barik (Front Line)
  • Buck (Flank)
  • Torvald (Front Line)


  • Grover (Support)
  • Skye (Flank)
  • Ruckus (Front Line)
  • Fernando (Front Line)
  • Grohk (Support)

There you have it, the full tier list of Paladins Champions in the current meta, OB52. Let us know where you think each Paladins Champion should go on our tier list, and check back as we’ll continue to update this tier list as new Champions and updates are released.

By reading through this guide, you should now know the current Paladins tier list of Champions for OB52.

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