ARMS – How To Play The Hoops Mini-Game

Learn how you can play like a pro in the ARMS mini-game, Hoops.

One thing ARMS players may find themselves wondering is how to play the Hoops mini-game. There are a variety of mini-games available in the Nintendo Switch title ARMS. One of these mini-games is Hoops, which is a unique spin on basketball that takes advantage of the unique long-range punch and grab mechanics in ARMS. Hoops is available to play in game modes including Grand Prix, Party Mode, and Versus Mode.

If you’re looking to master this mini game, we’ve put together a guide that will teach you how to play Hoops like a pro in ARMS.

Hoops - The Basics

Here's a look at the basics for playing the Hoops mini-game in ARMS.

In Hoops, the goal is to score points by sending your opponent through the large basket located at the far end of the court. Similar to standard basketball, you earn two points for getting your opponent in the basket within the three-point arc, and three points for sinking a shot outside the arc.

The default Hoops settings in ARMS make it so that the first player to reach 10 points is the winner, but you can adjust that amount as you see fit. There are two different methods you can utilize to try and send your opponent into the basket. First, anytime you successfully land a grab attack on your opponent, you’ll automatically jump up and go for a shot.

Your odds of making a two-point shot are slightly higher than getting a three-pointer, but both shot types also have a chance to miss so be sure to stay on your toes. The second method is successfully hitting your opponent with a Rush attack. Doing so will automatically send your opponent through the basket, so you definitely want to make sure your Rush attack connects when you have it available in Hoops.

Hoops - Advanced Tips

Once you master the basics, you can move on to more advanced techniques in the ARMS mini-game, Hoops.

Much like when you’re playing a standard ARMS match, you don’t want to just keep trying to land grab after grab, as your opponent will quickly pick up on your strategy and punish you for it. Instead, wait for your opponent to go for a grab of their own, dodge it, and then counter-grab. If you’re too far away to grab, go for a single punch instead.

This is because landing punches is how you build up your Rush attack meter. Speaking of which, once your Rush attack is ready, wait for your opponent to go for a grab before initiating it. Rush attacks break through all normal attacks, so you’ll guarantee a clean hit if you use your Rush as a counter in Hoops.

If you’re playing a character who pulls their opponent towards them when they land a grab, try to stay outside the three-point arc as much as you can so that all your successful grabs result in three-pointer shots. If, however, you know that your opponent’s grab works the same way, staying within the arc whenever you’re ahead in points is recommended so that you limit their ability to make a comeback. Also, don’t get too aggressive if you’re ahead in points.

It may not be the most honorable strategy, but simply hanging back and focusing on defense when you’re ahead can secure the win for you, especially if you’re ahead by four points or more. As for which Arms you should equip, the best Arms to go with are any Light or Medium tier Arms.

Being able to quickly dodge and move into ideal shooting positions is key, and doing so can be hard if you’re packing a pair of Heavy Arms. If you have any Electric Arms available, those are also a solid choice since landing an Electric attack stuns your opponent and pretty much guarantees a free grab.

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By reading this guide, you should now know how to play the Hoops mini-game in ARMS.



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