LawBreakers – How To Play The Vangaurd

Learn how to play one of the best newbie-friendly classes in LawBreakers. 

If you’re new to LawBreakers and looking for an easy class to start out with, you should definitely learn how to play the Vanguard. Not only can her Minigun weapon shred enemies with its concentrated fire, but her equipped jetpack gives her excellent mobility and her unique Pulsar alt-fire can send enemies flying if they get too close for comfort.

In this guide, we’ll show you how best to play the Vanguard so that you can dominate your enemies no matter what range they try to engage you at.

How to Use the Vanguard’s Minigun

The first thing to do when playing the Vanguard in LawBreakers is master her Minigum.

Mastering the Minigun is key if you want to excel as the Vanguard in LawBreakers. Fortunately, this weapon isn’t hard to master. While playing the Vanguard, the Minigun will continuously spin as you fire it, and both its firing rate and accuracy will increase over time as you continue to hold the trigger.

This means it’s best to engage enemies from a distance while playing the Vanguard so that you can quickly get a bead on them and start shooting as early as possible. After all, it’s ideal that you shoot before they can start shooting at you as well! If an enemy manages to move in close, you can use the Minigun’s alt-fire button to damage them and shove them back with a powerful Pulsar blast.

This can help you forcefully move enemy players back into ideal Minigun range and it can also score the occasional kill if you send enemies careening off into a bottomless pit. Just note that using the Pulsar costs a bit of Afterburner fuel which is also used for your jetpack, so try not to spam it too much if you also want to make a quick getaway while playing the Vanguard.

Secondary Vanguard Strategies

After you master the Vanguard's Minigun, you'll want to try out her secondary abilties in LawBreakers.

Other tools at the Vanguard’s disposal in LawBreakers include her unique Meteor Shell grenades, powerful explosives that can often finish off a wounded enemy. Additionally, her iconic jetpack that affords her the capabilities of free-flying around the arena. The Vanguard’s ultimate attack, Starfall, involves her leaping up into the air before slamming back down in a devastating shockwave attack.

Not only can Starfall take out multiple enemies at once if timed correctly, but the initial leap can also be used to escape gravity wells or other dangerous locations. Lastly, the Vanguard packs a 300HP health pool. While this may not be the beefiest health pool in LawBreakers, it does mean she can absorb a little more punishment than some other playable characters.

Your best bet, however, is avoiding damage whenever possible, so use your jetpack to get the drop on foes and then punish them with your Minigun, Pulsar, Meteor Shells, and Starfall before they know what hit them.

There you have it, a look at how to play the Vanguard in LawBreakers. Which is your favorite class to play in LawBreakers? Let us know in the comments below!

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to play the Vanguard in LawBreakers.



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