Star Wars Battlefront II beta extended

It *would* help if you got out and pushed.

EA has announced that the Star Wars: Battlefront II beta has been extended by two days.

The beta will now end on Wednesday, October 11 at 9AM PDT / 12pm EDT.

The Battlefront II beta went live last Wednesday for pre-orders and was opened up to everyone on Friday.

The beta lets you try out four modes: Galactic Assault, Starfighter Assault, Strike and Arcade.

The original Battlefront game (well, not the original original, but this generation's original) was well received but considered rather slight, so the beta is probably your best chance to get a feel for whether it will last you a long time or fizzle out long before The Last Jedi pitches up.

The full Battlefront II is due out November 17.


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