Hitman Receives New Contracts as Part of its July Content Schedule

The final season one Elusive Target is coming later this month. 

IO Interactive has officially unveiled the July content schedule for Hitman, a content schedule which includes a series of new Contracts, an upcoming game update, and the final Elusive Target for the game’s first “season” of content.

According to a post on the Hitman website from IO Interactive, the first two parts of the July content schedule include a new Escalation Contract set in the game’s Sapienza level and 15 new community-created Featured Contracts (all of which are available right now as they were released on July 7th).

Later this month, the final season one Elusive Target will appear in the Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand bonus mission, and IO says there will be a new game update coming to Hitman in late July as well. Lastly, the post also confirms there will be more contracts coming in August, suggesting that IO has plans to keep releasing smaller content drops during the interim between seasons.


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