Little Nightmares – The Depths DLC Walkthrough

Learn how to solve all puzzles, find all collectibles, and survive the Granny in the first chapter of Secrets of the Maw, The Depths.

If you recently picked up the first chapter of Little Nightmares’ new Secrets of the Maw DLC, you may be looking for a full walkthrough of The Depths. If you’re unfamiliar with the new DLC release, Tarsier Studios is releasing a three-chapter story expansion of Little Nightmares entitled Secrets of the Maw.

Last week, the first chapter of that expansion, The Depths, was released. While The Depths plays out in a similar manner to Little Nightmares, it boasts a formidable new foe, the Granny. To help you survive the Granny, we’ve put together a full walkthrough of the Little Nightmares DLC chapter, The Depths.

Little Nightmares Walkthrough - The Depths

Below, you'll find the complete walkthrough for Little Nightmares' first DLC chapter, The Depths.

When The Depths first begins, you find yourself in control of the new Secrets of the Maw DLC protagonist, the Runaway Kid, as he floats in a river. Here, you’ll want to guide the Kid to the right (going with the current) and eventually he’ll be dragged underwater and wake up in a child’s bedroom. Next, move to the left and around the balcony area (you’ll spot the Janitor below as he snatches up children). Then, continue heading left until you drop down into a hole in the floor.

Once you land from the drop (you may recognize the room you’re in if you recently played Little Nightmares), head over to the right and open the door. Keep going around the balcony, then use the hanging cages to climb down into the foreground (making note of the Eye sentry that’s guarding the area). Wait until the Eye is looking to the left, then dart into the background of the next area. Wait in the background for the Eye to move over to the right, then run to the left once the path is clear.

As you head left, you’ll pass through a series of bars and a dark play room until you come across what appears to be a bathroom. There, you’ll spot a child climbing through a hole up above (the same hole you need to go through). However, before you proceed through the hole, grab the nearby cage and position it so that you can reach the sink in the center of the room. On the sink, you’ll find the first of five Flotsam Bottles, the new collectible that’s unique to The Depths.

After passing through the play room in The Depths, you'll enter what appears to be a bathroom.

With the first Flotsam Bottle in hand, use the cage to reach the two larger cages and climb up so you can go through the hole. After making your way through the hole, you’ll see a rope. Climb down the rope, then head left until you find some boxes. You can use the smaller boxes to get on top of the bigger box, after which you should continue through the hole on the left. In the next room, you’ll spot a hole in the floor which you need to drop through.

When you land, you’ll find yourself in a body of water. Swim over to the right and you’ll see a suitcase floating in the background. You can grab the suitcase and maneuver it over to the far right ledge so that you can reach it. Once you’re on the ledge, head over into the next room and to the right. There, you’ll find a flashlight on the floor. The flashlight basically functions like Six’s lighter from the original Little Nightmares story, allowing you to see in dark areas.

With the flashlight in hand, proceed to the right to enter the next room, but beware the leech enemy that will try to attack you as soon as you enter the room. Move into the foreground and keep moving to the right. More leeches will emerge as you proceed, but as long as you keep moving and either slide under or jump over the pipes in the room, you should be fine. When you reach the gate at the far right end of the room, one final leech will bar your way.

You can outsmart the leech by running in a circle until it drops from the gate, at which point you should jump up to the gate and climb up to make a speedy exit. When you’re at the top of the gate, jump to the left and then back to the ledge on the right before moving along the narrow pathway and dropping down into the water in the next room. Once you’re in the water, move over to the right and climb up the gate, then drop into yet another pool of water and continue over to the right.

You’ll eventually spot a boarded up doorway which you can pry the boards from to proceed through. In the next area you’ll find yourself in another body of water. This time, however, the Granny will appear and come after you. Just keep swimming to the right as fast as you can and you’ll reach the far side before she can snatch you. At the far side of the room, drop down into a new room which has a doorway that’s covered by leeches.

You’ll need to pick up one of the nearby cans and throw it at the leeches to antagonize them. Once the leeches start chasing you, run over to the left and then circle back ground to reach the previously blocked entryway before the leeches can catch up to you. Proceed through the narrow corridor and you’ll soon drop into another pool of water. Climb up the grating in the background, then climb the cylindrical grate so that you can reach the lever up above.

Once the lever is activated, you’ll trigger a switch-based puzzle below. To solve the switch puzzle, start by heading down to where the switch is and moving it all the way over to the right. Wait until the below room is filled with water, then quickly move the switch three clicks over to the left and drop down into the room below. Swim over to the right and, as the water rises, proceed through a small hole which contains the second Flotsam Bottle. Use the grating to head back up to the room with the switch.

This time, after moving the switch over to the far right, you’ll want to move it two clicks to the left, then hop down into the water so that you can reach the larger opening on the far right. Once you’re through the large opening, swim to the far right and climb the ladder. When you reach the top of the ladder, you’ll find a small grate you can pass through in the far right background corner of the room. In the next room, you’ll want to stay out of the water since the Granny will snatch you if you try to take a dip.

Instead, use the various floating objects to proceed to the right. When you reach the two large containers with pipes running into the water, use the box in the water to grab onto the ladder on the left container, head across the makeshift bridge, and jump onto the barrel in the water on the right. Before you exit the area, take note of the clumped up floating objects. You can climb on this pile of objects and use it to reach the above platform on your left and find the third Flotsam Bottle. Once you’ve claimed the third Flotsam Bottle, head over to the right and eventually you’ll reach a ledge you can climb up onto.

From the ledge, climb up the grating on the pipe to the left and then jump over to the boxes on your right. You’ll spot a lever you can pull which will make the below body bag lift up out of the water. What you want to do is make sure you don’t lift the bags all the way, just enough so that the bottom of the bag is hanging just below the boxes you’re standing on. Jump over to the hanging bag, then jump over to the hook so that you can swing over to the platform on the far right.

There are several pieces of fish meat on the platform, pick one up and toss it into the water on the left side of the room to distract the Granny, giving you time to jump into the water and swim over to the far right so that you can exit the area. In the next room, maneuver the cage on the floor so that you can get on top of the table before pushing over the vertical board to make a makeshift ramp to reach the far right platform. Here, you’ll spot a closed door with a handle you need to reach.

In order to reach it, stand on the loose board in the center of the room so that it angles up towards the doorknob and then run and jump to reach it. In the next room, swim over to the dresser and climb on top of it. From the top of the dresser, you can run and jump over to a lever in the center of the room which, when pulled, drains the water. Once the water is drained, climb down the dresser and use the chair to reach the top of the table. There will be a jar on the table which you can push over onto the floor.

Doing so will break the jar, revealing both a key and a leech. Hop down onto the chair to draw the leech’s attention, and once it is close enough, jump over to quickly reach the key and unlock the door on the far right before the leech can reach you. In the next room, climb up the ladder to the room above. Once you reach the room at the top of the ladder, push the nearby crate into the water to the right. You’ll notice there’s an electrical current running through the water, making it unsafe to swim in.

Push the nearby button (it should be in the background to the right) to lower the water out of the range of the electrical current, thus making it safe to swim in. Hop into the water and position the two crates so that you’ll be able to hop across them without touching the water. Once you think you’ve gotten them aligned just right, raise the water back into the electrical current and hop across the crates to reach the far right side of the room. In the next room, you’ll find more water to traverse, but don’t go into the water yourself or the Granny will get you.

Instead, start out by traversing the foreground objects in the water and then quickly swim into the background portion of the room’s second half and use the floating wooden planks to reach the platforms. At this point, the Granny should give up her chase, leaving you free to continue along to the right until you reach a set of dresser drawers. Climb up the drawers to reach some overhead pipes, then jump to the hanging boat when it swings towards you.

You'll spot the fourth Flotsam Bottle in the Depths within the foreground after crossing the wooden planks.

Keep an eye out for the Granny, and when the coast is clear, dive into the water and swim to the right so that you can reach a far ledge. Head up the far right wall, jump to the platform on your left, and then keep going left until you reach a point where you can go into the background and use the wooden planks to proceed over to the far left of the room. In the foreground, you’ll also spot the fourth Flotsam Bottle so be sure to grab it before leaving.

Once you’ve gotten the bottle, head back across to the right and continue climbing up to the topmost point of the room. You’ll spot a small opening you can go through to reach the next area. In this new room, drop down into the water and then swim over to the right to reach a platform with a crank on it. Toss the crank into the water and then swim over to the left to hit a button that will lower the water level. With the water lowered, find the crank in the now shallow water (you might need to use your flashlight to help you spot it) and once you’ve got it, put it in the floating suitcase.

Guide the suitcase over to the far left, hit the button to raise the water level back up, and then toss the crank onto the left platform. The crank will fit into a nearby hole in the background, but before you use the crank, lower the water again and position the suitcase so that it can be used as a central platform when you raise the water level back up. Turning the crank will open a door at the far right of the room, but the door will start to slowly close once you stop turning the crank.

Using the suitcase as a platform, you can quickly traverse the water and slide under the door before it fully closes. Once you reach the next room, jump across the gap and push down the door on the far right. You’ll reach a body of water, but don’t go in it since the Granny is lying in wait. Instead, use the objects in the water to reach the nearby buoy and then climb up the buoy so that you can jump over to the hook hanging from the ceiling.

Use the hook to swing over to the right and jump down to the water area, again using the floating objects to avoid the Granny’s clutches. You’ll eventually reach a ladder you can use to get up to a platform above. From that platform, you can jump up to reach a switch on your left and then use the boxes to jump over to the hanging light. Use the light to swing over to another platform with a lever on it and pull the lever to lower the water level.

Once the water level is lowered, head back down and use the floating objects to reach a platform on the far right with a television set on it. At the point, the Granny will attack and start ripping up the platform so quickly push the television set into the water to your right to drive the Granny away for good. Once the Granny has been dealt with, head into the next room, but before going up the staircase, pry the two boards off of the blocked doorway to the far right to unveil the final Flotsam Bottle (collecting all five bottles awards an achievement). Next, all that’s left to do is head up the stairs and up the ladder at the top to finish The Depths chapter.

By reading through this guide, you should be able to solve all puzzles, find all collectibles, and defeat the Granny in Little Nightmares’ first DLC chapter, The Depths.



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