Mini DayZ Survival Tips

Learn tips for survival in the Mini DayZ mobile game.

Much like it’s PC equivalent, Mini DayZ is all about fending off zombies and trying to survive as long as possible. Players will need to learn what is required for survival and the best tips for staying alive. This guide contains crucial survival tips that will help you stay alive and keep the zombies at bay in Mini DayZ. 

Mini DayZ Survival Tips

Manage Your Body’s Needs

The most basic element of survival in Mini DayZ involves staying healthy and tending to your bodily needs. Just like in real life, you’ll need to manage your hunger, thirst, and health in order to survive in Mini DayZ. You’ll need to scavenge for food and water to keep your hunger and thirst at bay. If you get injured, you’ll need to find bandages to patch up your wounds and stay healthy. 

Look for food, bandages, and other items within buildings, houses, and vehicles. Check inside the trunks of cars and be sure to loot the area surrounding military buildings for any random items that may have been left behind. Press the button on the side of your display to grab items and place them in your inventory, or use them if your hunger, thirst, or health levels are getting low. 

Only Keep Items You Need 

Initially, you won’t have any storage space when you start playing Mini DayZ. A backpack will come later, but even that has limited inventory space. It’s important to manage your inventory and keep an eye on the items you’re holding on to. It’s easy to get over-encumbered, so make sure you’re only carrying the items you need for survival.

Keep bandages if you find any, and eat or drink edible food items when you can to keep your health in check. Remember to check your inventory periodically when you reach safety to ensure you aren’t lugging around unnecessary items. 

Manage your inventory and only keep items you really need for survival in Mini DayZ.

Find a Gun ASAP

In Mini DayZ, fighting off zombies is crucial for survival. Although you can melee enemies with just your hands, it’s better to have a weapon or gun handy so you can take down enemies quickly and avoid sustaining unwanted injuries. If you’re going to survive in Mini DayZ, you’ll need to know how to get a gun

One of the best places to find a gun in Mini DayZ is at a military base. The game’s map is generated randomly, so this can be a bit tricky. It might be a while before you actually stumble upon a military base in your area, so just stay vigilant and keep an eye out for tanks and other armored vehicles. 

Once you find a military base, beware of fast crawler zombies that prowl the area. They’ve got low health, so you should be able to take them out quickly with a few melee attacks. There may also be hostile soldiers at military bases as well, so be prepared to fight off any enemies patrolling the base as well. Use the tents as cover, and be sure to thoroughly search the area for weapons and items before you leave.

Fighting off enemies and zombies is always easier with a gun in Mini DayZ.

Know Your Crafting Recipes

With the right combination of sticks and scraps, you can craft helpful tools and storage items to help you survive in Mini DayZ. Just like the original game, crafting in Mini DayZ involves dragging and dropping sets of items on one another to create new objects. Knowing how to craft items in Mini DayZ is an important part of survival, so make sure you memorize all the main crafting recipes for crafting backpacks, bows, arrows, fireplaces, and other key items.

Repair Item Durability

As you use various items in Mini DayZ, some items will begin to wear down and lose their durability. Duct Tape can be used to fix items by 15%. To improve the durability of clothing, use a Sewing Kit to repair wearable gear by 50%. For weapons, use a Cleaning Kit to repair guns by 25%.

Hopefully these tips have taught you the basics of how to survive and fend off zombies in Mini DayZ.


Larryn is a full-time editor who has written guides and editorial features for various gaming websites. She is obsessed with Witcher 3 and is known to put hot sauce on everything.


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